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"T.Hall" and Kerry...

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

On last Saturday, T.Hall, Jenn and I made a stop in Nordie's. In her hand she had a pic of Kerry Washington and her fabulous smoky eye. She wanted the MAC SA to recreate the look. Well..she did! Check it out!

Almost..will count...

This weekend, I bumped into one of those kiosks with all the Hello Kitty stuff on them in Southpark Mall. This picture of Angela Simmons wearing some Hello Kitty ( probably from that KLS jewelry line) has had me feening for some. Well, these are ALMOST the earrings she's wearing!!!
I know I've told ya'll about the Green's Salvage here in Union. I went in there today to get the boys' some things for breakfast and snacks to take to school. And I got me some things too.All these lovely goodies in the pic above....50 cent a piece!!!