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~Review~ Nad's Natural Hair Removal Gel.....

Monday, June 18, 2012

Now you all know I'm a DIY beauty girl ( some by choice and some by default) and stan for my Nad's Facial Wand Eyebrow Shaper. That thing works wonders and I'm on my 2nd wand as we speak. So, I was excited, curious and SCARED, when given the oppotunity to try Nad's Natural Hair Removal Gel.

We have seen those commercials...looks effortless and fast, right? 
Here's some basic info on the kit:

 Smooth results for up to 6 weeks...
 No Heat, Washes Off with Water, Dermatologically Tested. 

 Nad's Natural Hair Removal Gel not only leaves your skin soft and smooth for weeks, but no also contains nourishing Kiwi and cooling Mint. The original, natural alternative to waxing, it quickly removes unwanted hair by the roots, giving professional results lasting for up to 6 weeks. It's quick, low mess and easy to clean up. The backing strips are fully washable and reusable. Use for Legs, Bikini Line, Underarms, and Arms.

 This Kit Contains: 170g (6oz) Nad's Hair Removal Gel with Kiwi & Mint 1 Spatula 4 Nad's Cleansing Wipes 5 Backing Strips Instruction Leaflet

My first try, I read the instructions thoroughly and gave myself plenty of time for trial and error. I did my underarms first, since I needed to shave under there anyway, plus I don't grow much hair under my arms anyway.

I had trouble getting the wax heated all the way through, then it cooled really quick on me.  I got it applied, laid on the backing strip....and gave it a good pull. P.A.I.N.!!!! Just like a regular salon waxing!! LOL!

That's all I could think about, painful like regular waxing, but here I was doing it on my own. I did get a very clean pull, so I didn't have to apply the wax again under that arm. I went ahead, braced myself and did the other underarm. It wasn't as clean, perhaps I was still in shock from the initial pain.:/

-a great economic way to get salon waxing, pain and all.:)
-the kit is complete and instructions are through and easy to understand
-the clean up was easy, the wax is washable.
-got a clean underarms in the process.

-had some trouble heating the can either microwave it or put in it warm water. I did both and  it still wasn't heated throughly.


I didn't list the pain as a "con" because people have different pain indexes. Mine is low, very low. lol! Yours might be high.

I also tried it a couple times on my legs...but I couldn't get through it because I'm a damn wuss. Any suggestions on lowering the pain when waxing? Let me know in the comments!!

I received a free product (or products) for review purposes. I did not receive any form of compensation from the company. All opinions are my own and not influenced in anyway. My reviews are my personal and honest opinions

~Haul~ CVS Summer 2012 Beauty Clearance......

Thursday, June 07, 2012

On last Saturday, I found out via twitter that CVS is doing a summer beauty clearance sale. It took everything in my not to leave my house at 8:45 pm ( our CVS' close at 9pm) to see what was popping. My patience paid off when Gia over at Nouveau Cheap posted a list of the items clearanced and has been updating since Saturday with even more stuff. I had $18.00 in ECBs and coupons burning a hole in my pocket!

 A couple of trips's my haul!
 Trip#1/ CVS #1- I only spent $.94 on every thing and I would have not spent that if I could have found that $1 ECB I had in the bottom of my handbag!!

I got all the Sally Hansen Crackle Polishes ( which I thought were overpriced from the "get". lol!),
Revlon ColorBurst Lip Gloss in Rose Gold, and two Essence of Beauty Brushes( These brushes have $1 coupons in them and forgot all about that..I couldve gotten them $.75!!).
Trip #1/CVS #2- I saw in this CVS that some of the beauty travel bags were on sale 50% of $9.99. So I used a $5 ECB to buy this one. $0.00 spent!
Trip #2/CVS#2- I spotted the Kiss Nail Dress in Princess that was listed at 75%off but they are really 50% off of $6.99...but I had a $1 coupon off Kiss Nail Dress so that made it $2.49.

 All in all, I spent at $3.50 for everything!!! But....I'm not finished! LOL! I'm looking for a Revlon Custom Eyes Palette in Metallic Chic ( neither one of my CVS' had any Custom Eyes Palettes period) and I might go back and get all the Kiss Nail Dress in Princess left.

Check out the Nouveau Cheap List HERE!!!

~Beauty School 101~ You Tube Beauty Vloggers That Taught Me PART 1.....

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

I posted a picture of one my latest eye looks as a cover photo on Facebook. One of sorors ( and like many of  my friends, family,etc) asked me to teach her how to do that look. I responded with two words: YOU TUBE. LOL!

 Seriously, I learned most of the technique that Ilearned within the last four years from watching You Tube. Not just makeup technique, but hair, nails, cooking, fashion, you name it, you want to learn how to do something, search You Tube. I guarantee there is a video for it on there

 Over the years, I've learned alot of makeup technique from different "gurus" evolving from channel to channel with my tastes in videos evolving. I like a nice, fairly short, well edited video when it comes to makeup. In Part 1 of this series, I will post my favorite videos from some of  my most watched makeup gurus who I have taught me so much and didn't even know it! LipSh0ck is a AMAZING. I LOVE HER! Well edited videos...she uses a mix of high and low cosmetics, so you are not tied to a makeup counter for every product.
 I always have running list of products to wish for watching her!

  Start2FinishMUA is great at teaching and guiding thru techniques with well edited videos and lots of knowledge as a makeup artist. I love this Monica look she just recently did.
 I initially started watching MsVaughnTV for natural hair and fashion but she does great makeup as well.

  NikkiTutorials is from the Netherlands and few shades lighter than me ( LOL!) but don't let skin color get in the way of learning and watching. She does consistent, clear tutorials and has you craving some of the products she buys in her country and abroad.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of Beauty You Tubers That Taught Me Series!!.....and let me know some of favorite videos that taught you something about makeup, make sure to post a link so I can watch. I have more ladies & GENTLEMEN coming in Part 2.:))


~Review~ Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain....

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

 Review Time!! Yass Ma'am, your cousin is here to give you the real tea on Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain. I won't keep you long...I like to be brief but concise because those are the kind of reviews I like to read. lol!

I started with just one of these Balm Stains, but after that first one, I wanted more. I purchased mine at CVS and they were $9.99 so watch out for sales and  coupons.

I purchased (from left to right):
 Cherish, Sweetheart, and Precious.
 Precious: Shimmery nude shade. Wayy more pigmented than I thought. I was pleasantly surprised.
 Sweetheart: A juicy light raspberry pink.
Cherish: A bright light pink. My FAVORITE shade of so far!!!


-Three shades that I have are very pigmented, I was surprised! I wasn't expecting Revlon Lip Butter pigment( We'll talk about them vs. Balm Stain in a minute:)) but its medium gloss -like pigment. You will get good color even with dark lips, like me.

-They have a faint mint smell but they are not minty and tingly, which I hate..

-The "balm" texture is smooth and not greasy and feels good on the lips.


- I personally found them....drying. I wore Cherish a couple days straight, and I was fighting flaky lips. I don't have dry lips, I drink massive amounts of water, so I don't struggle with that, so it had to be the Balm Stain. Same thing happened when I wore Precious, dry lips. Don't be fooled by the "balm" effect, use a lip balm to base the lips before applying these.

- I didn't get a "stain" effect on the lighter colors ( Cherish and Precious) but Sweetheart did stain my lips but it was removable by the end of the day. So I'm assuming that the darker shades will stain after the balm effect is gone.

-The price is just....*deep sigh*...HIGH! Ten dollars for a drugstore brand lip balm. Granted, you catch a sale like a BOGO or they end up at Wal-Mart or Target a $1 or $2 cheaper but that's still a bit much. Like I said before coupon and sale hunt for your life. I watched a review on these and the girl had bought ALL OF THE SHADES, at CVS. Its like 12 shades I believe. Aye, if you like I love it. LOL!

-They break easily. Precious is broken, and its only been in a basket with five or six other glosses. WTF?


Welp....I got my eye on three more shades and I'm just searching around for swatches and other reviews and collecting ECBs ( because only my CVS had them) before I get any more. I really like them...just use a lip balm before, be careful not to break them and they are a really great product!!

*************Revlon Balm Stain vs. Revlon Lip Butter******

My take: The formula is different but the color scheme of both products are very similar. I see alot of similar shades in both collections. The formulas, Balm Stains fell like a lip balm where the Butters feel more lipstick-ish.

Have you picked up any of these Balm Stains?? Let me know your favorite colors!


~Fresh Coat~ Julie G Nail Color in Chic Cipro.....

JulieG713 is one of my favorite beauty vloggers on You Tube. When she introduced her core signature nail polish line months ago, I was so excited for her. Plus, I knew it would be a hit because she's a true nail polish addict, she knows her colors, brands, formulas, etc. I give love and respect were respect is due!!! #noshade

I only picked one of the her colors at Rite Aid this time, since its not limited edition of anything like that, I have plenty of time to buy more.:) Chic Cipro is a creamy nude, in real life, its coming off peachy instead of nude. I applied two coats, its semi opaque, not completely...three coats probably would have been completely opaque.

Any other colors of the Julie G polish I should pick up? Let me know in comments, loves!!


~FOTD~ City Color Cosmetics Eye Shadow Palette in Dark Room + Urban Decay Nude Palette Comparison.......

Monday, June 04, 2012

 Remember I told ya'll I would do a FOTD with the City Color Cosmetics palette in Dark Room soon. Welp, "soon" was the next day. LOL!

I love LOVE a neutral palette. Dark Room was right up my alley and not a bad price ($3.99 at Rite-Aid)

 One thing I did notice was the "similarities" in color PLACEMENT in Dark Room and my Urban Decay Nude Palette. I did not say DUPE, mmkay... let's discuss....:)

No swatches because I don't consider Dark Room a "dupe" but it is reminiscent of the Nude Palette for a lower price. Check out the color placement from light to dark and the last three shades.

 This is a full face with the Dark Room palette....
 I thought the color payoff was nice, especially in the deeper shades and the lighter outer shades but the two of the middle colors needed alot of building.
 I like it!!:) Now I want the other three palettes that I saw of these on the display.

~Summer 2012 Beauty~ May Beauty Favorites.....

*Gasp!!* I have May Beauty Favorites! The funny thing is...I love watching and checking other bloggers and vloggers favorites but I can't seem to get mine together month to month. LOL!

Nails: I'm loving Revlon Expert Shapers. I bought two of these at a yard sale for a $1, still in the packaging. They shape really easy and quick and leave a smooth edge to the nail.

I'm also loving Avon Nail Experts Adhesive Base Coat, another brand new yard sale find. Its reminiscent of CND Sticky and less of the price of Sticky.
Face: I'm "late boots" when it comes to MAC Fix +...loving it on my E.L.F.  Studio Powder Brush to apply my liquid foundation.Its the perfect trio for  perfect coverage.
Face: I hunted down Wet N' Wild Coloricon Bronzer in Reserve Your Cabana like a hawk! Amazing illuminator for the top of the cheekbones for a great price ( $2.99).

Even though I've only had my Philosophy Mineral Blush Duo in Healthy/Happy for less than two weeks, all three products are create a gorgeous cheek!!
Skin and Lips: I'm loving Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes. They are giving my Big Lots found wipes a run for their money! In my opinion and experience, sensitive skin products work wonders on oily and acne prone skin.

I'm back on my EOS balms...they are just great for layering under any gloss or lipstick you wear. EOS balm and one of my Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains ( pictured Cherish) are working it out this early summer season!!


~Beauty Haul~ Beauty Supply Store, Rite Aid, Sally Beauty Supply....

Sunday, June 03, 2012

While enjoying a day of "mommy freedom"....I stopped in to a BSS that I haven't in ages. Mainly because the last time I was in there, it was lame. Well, apparently they have gotten their ish together ( perhaps some new ownership) and it was SMOKING up in there!!! I mean, just tons and tons of goodies!! It will be a regular stop from now on when I visit the 'Burg.:) Check out what I got....

They had NYX...I was TOO EXCITED. Closest place to buy NYX ( I thought) was 1 hour and change away at Ulta in Greenville. Now its just 30 mins up the road:) Ain't God good?? LOL!

Now, the display didn't have all the new-new like the matte lip cremes or some of the old stuff like eye shadow trios, eye shadow singles, blushes, glitters, endless NYX products I didn't see but that was ok. What the display did have was 1.99 glosses ( I got Real Nude, Cafe Latte,and Pinky Natural) $1.99 Round Lipsticks ( I got Frappacino), liners ( brow liner in Brow), Jumbo Sticks, foundations,  polish, etc.
They also had one of my favorite BSS lines, Santee...I got a creme liner in black and a blush quad.
They had a complete line of Kleancolors ( no Hologlitter polish though:( )...Buy Two of either Kleancolor or NYX and get one free...$1.99 a piece.
I got some French manicure guides in different shapes ( I saw these in Sally for WAYYY higher $$) and a skin brush....
I also ventured into Rite-Aid where I spotted some new products ( POST RIGHT HERE)...I picked up a Julie G polish in Chic Cipro and a City Color palette I've been eyeing in Dark Room....
Dark Room is a variety of nudes...I got a FOTD coming up so don't you worry!! LOL!
Oh...and the BSS had "mugga" some earrings and some bracelets for arm candy stacking....
Finally, I stopped into Sally ( for a dotting tool but it was not in my price range:/ ) China Glaze Magnetic Polish was on clearance for 3.49. I picked up You Move Me.

~Real Spotted~ Sally Hansen Rock of Ages, Maybelline Bronze Glow, Revlon French Mix and Julie G Polish!!!

I only went in one drugstore yesterday and I spotted some new goodies!!

Maybelline Summer Glow- I read that the Illuminator is a must buy, maybe that's why only one was left on the display. Also I saw the Dream Mousse Bouncy Bronzers...MochaMishMash has a great review on these...
Finally, saw the Rock of Ages Sally Hansen Salon Effects....still no Prabal Gurung Salon Effects in my area, though.:/
Interesting!! SH Pedicure Salon Effects!!! I would buy these. I've seen other companies like Kiss Nails include toenail sizes in their Nail Dress with the fingernail sizes too.
Revlon French Mix...I  thought of Nouveau Cheap's recent review on these! LOL!
Finally!!! The JulieG polishes!!! I've been waiting for them to arrive in my area and I had read that they would be in the regular nail polish area and not part of the Jessie's Girl products. They look really pretty in person....
I only got one( Fresh Coat post this week!!), mainly because they are $3.99, which is cheap to some but you get four, five colors at a time, it adds up!! I want to see if they are just as opaque as she says they are too.:)