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~Rural Style~ Fall Fashion Wishlist.....

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

After many additions and Fall Fashion Wishlist is ready to go. I had one more addition yesterday that if I can locate the other boot will be a subtraction...but you what Beyonce says..."I may not know algebra but...." Anyway.... Here's what I going for to add to my wardrobe:

Jeans: 1 Dressy pair, 3 Casual ( already have 2, Thanks to Goodwill and thrifting)

Leggings: In black...normally I get them from Walmart...but they haven't put them out yet.:(

Pleated Skirt: hopefully while thrifting, cross your fingers for me....

50s styles round skirts, 70s style midi skirts

Platform Stiletto Heels in black

Oxfords: I think I have an idea where to look...but Ive tried so many pair on, they are made very narrow and some are not worth the price.

Purple tights:)

Belts: thick, skinny, vintage, whatever...cinching the waist works for me.

Finger less gloves

Thin Leather jacket: That works with layering

A vintage trench: something London Fog or Aigner

Boots: knee high and flat in black and brown....

I'm praying to find most of those things thrifting and at a low, low price. I made a mini list to put in my wallet so I will keep you all posted on what I discover!

For a more "visual" look at my wishlist check out my RG Fall Fashion Wishlist board on PINTEREST!!!