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Review: April Rain Skin Science Day Rainew....

Monday, May 18, 2009

I was given the opportunity to try April Rain Skin Science Day Rainew. It's spring and the summer is just around the corner and its time to switch up! I gave myself 30 days to see how it works:


-I saw, after about two weeks, a tremendous amount of evenness in my skin tone. I had subtle under eye darkness and a darkness around my mouth and that cleared away with Day Rainew.

-My face also is more taunt but not in an uncomfortable way! Just more tighter and smoother.

-I like how Day Rainew soaks in quickly that I totally forget I just put it on. Then, I think that I haven't put on any moisturizer, but I did...true story:)

-Smells fresh. Reminds me of Cucumber Melon, the scent Bath and Body Works once had.


-The only thing I didn't like is the packaging. I didn't like screwing the top off of the cream and scooping it out. I rather pump it in the palm of my hand. But, the packaging is gorgeous, just not that handy when you are rushing out the door.

-It doesn't have a sunscreen included( but can be layered with ) which I'm just getting into using.


Great investment to your skin...check Day Rainew out!!


RG Project: NYX Eye Shadow in Bright Orange...

Next up of 'The Project' of NYX in my stash is their single eyeshadow in a Bright Orange. I had been searing for a matte bright orange shadow and found its match in Bright Orange! I'm impressed by it pigmentation. It's that orange!!
I did the orange on the lid to almost the crease then highlighted with Jessie's Girl Eye Dust in Sunset.

The final look!!I just added a bit of dark brown in the crease from one of my Santee palettes...


RG Real Life: Eyebrows...

Happy Monday!!

Saturday, I finally tackled my brows. Yeah, Yeah "Get them waxed". Give me $12. Every three weeks.

All it takes is a brow brush and my Tweezerman tweezers and some patience to get the job done.

I also hit my 'stache with one those BSS pastel mini razors. That thing worked too!!

Voila!!! Done. Now my RG Project F.O.T.D.s and Shopping Stash Post won't look as wonky.:)