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Things That Happen After Payday...

Friday, August 31, 2007

Hey folk,

On Wednesday I went to pick up my Avon order at Linda's.I had forgot what I ordered so when open the bag it had a 4-piece Imari Set, the Avon SpaFinder Color Orbs, and to makeup set, The Brights Collection and The Neutral Collection. I didn't have to even open the makeup to realize I didn't want it. It was very summer and working on winter stuff now since September is around the bend. So, I went and exchanged the makeup for this, The Jillian Dempsey Mother's Day Collection. I'm alot happier with it...

In other buys...I picked up these really fun and fall/winter like Maybelline nail colors from their new fall color story @ Rite-Aid/Edkerd. All the Maybelline was 40% and I had three coupons for a $1 each on nail lacquers.

On that same Wednesday, I spent $30 at Starbucks. You ask how? I got my Ethopia Sidamo and Sulawasi coffees custom blended for my $10 coffee maker (lol!), a grande soy chai latte iced with extra ice, and this CD, Heart, Body and Soul, which is so sexy and sweet, you must get it. The barista told me said its been flying out there since they stocked it on Monday.

Of course I still have the "plague" and suddenly the plague has now changed into sore throat and sticky mouth. I pulled my Glenn Barr Hint Mints case out of my pocket yesterday at work and my boss almost knocked it out of my hands, checking out the cool artwork on the front. Plus, they are not sizzling hot in my mouth and comforting to throat. They will definitely travel with me to church, so I wont be rattling peppermint candy paper while reading the Responsive Reading!

Have a great holiday weekend for Laborious Day, that's what I call it. I'll probably be working anyway...:(


Summer Cold...

Thursday, August 30, 2007

I'm so mad because I have a summer cold or allergies or sinus problems. Hell, I can't point it out because I'm not a doctor, and I'm mad about it and the symptoms change by the hour. I went to work today felt fine, I guess because I was on my feet doing stuff but soon as I got home, the plague came back.Ugh!

Last night I out some work into the getting rid of the plague. What should have been an enjoyable night of German Chocolate Cake and a glass of Riesling from The Fresh Market was not. I couldn't smell and my nose was leaking and I felt like I was still hungry from dinner, maybe because I couldn't taste nothing.I'd picked up my order from Linda's Avon earlier and decided to run a bath and use my Avon SpaFinder Floating Color Orb. They are so relaxing, a great alternative to using candles and they looked gorgeous in a sea of bubbles from Johnson and Johnson Softwash Melt Away Stress Bath Wash. It provided some relief. That bath and a Benedryl.

This is why I need me a "friend" to take care of me.:)


Beauty Find of the Day!!!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Sephora Star Struck Palette is one of my favorite palettes on this planet. It was a seriously hot seller when it first came out. Mally Roncal put it together with her muse for the colors being Beyonce. I was in Union and couldn't get to Sephora Southpark for a week. So I called the store and they only had one. They promptly shipped it to me with free shipping. And since 2005, I have been constantly defining a look I like out of the palette. I'm palette freak, what can I say? I wore it today to church...I was thinking about it all service long. Then I get online, and they don't sell it anymore:)

Anybody else got this or have favorite palettes?


Things I've learned in beauty and fashion from one hot ass summer...

Saturday, August 25, 2007


We finally got some good rain, a really good downpour. It was so pretty and now its sweltering...

I thought I would write on this subject "Things I've Learned From One Hot Ass Summer Beauty/Fashion Edition" The "Personal Edition"...I think I might blog about on my MySpace.:) But Anyways here we go!!:

1) Stock up on everything skin and body care related at the beginning of the summer or that in the event of financial disarray, you won't be using samples of moisturizer because you can't afford to go and get what you normally use.

I swear, I ran out of everything in the mist of moving into my house and changing jobs and stupid gas prices. I literally spent my beauty budget on gas driving up and down Hwy 176 to the 'burg to work. Next Spring, matter of fact, this fall, I'm stocking up for the winter, just in case poverty wants to punch me in the face again and I'm using synthetic cotton balls and generic deodorant.

2)Sunglasses, Sunglasses, Sunglasses. Saved my life. I wasn't squinting or rubbing my eyes this summer because I learned the art of keeping my shades on.

3)Don't miss out because you live in the woods.

I've missed an entire summer of fragrances, MAC releases, clothing releases( such as SJP's Bitten) because I live in the country and hate driving an hour sometimes two to get to the goodies. This has been my insane plight for three years I've been here( the inspiration behind City-itis) I now start to embrace adventure even if I'm tired and financially strapped. Hell, I "window shopped" when I lived in the Rock, stayed in the mall, and I was never bother if could buy something.

4)Pairing down your wardrobe might not be a good idea...

I hate having a closet full of clothes I don't wear. So I went on a rampage and threw out and gave away half of my wardrobe, leaving me with virtually nothing. Now I feel like I have nothing to wear.

5) I do look good in:

Bracelets( the chunkier the better)
the color yellow
Red Nail polish
black eyeliner.

What did you learn this summer in beauty and fashion?


Getting right...

Thursday, August 23, 2007

I'm so sorry I've been missing. Last week, my family was in town from New York and Chicago and I transferred to my permenet location for my job and we had our grand opening there. Plus, the midgets have been with their dad all week, so I'm suffering from heartbreak as usual. I have magazines and catalogs( such as that new Fall Sephora yumminess) piling up beside my love seat, unread. I need a pedicure badly and I'm just plain ole' worn out. Every morning I awake, no matter what treatment I've done the night before, my face looks like a 50 year old. Bags under my eyes, skin oily. I'm in desperate need for a mid summer skin care overhaul!!! My Cover Girl Advance Radiance Age-Defying Liquid Makeup in Toasted Almond has been saving my face each day, giving it some renewal. Plus in order to look decent, I have to put on a "face" or I look like I need some sleep. Starbucks Sumatra blend coffee will do any so much!

Here's few bullet points and such...

-As my LS Dynisha said in our "probate" show, "Number 11, "Renaissance".I've been revitalized, AKA-sized, and REBORN!!!". That's exactly what happened to Soror Star Jones Reynolds. She looks better than ever!!!I think she went to Kappa Conclave with Al and got a makeover...:)

-Why did my aunt almost throw my Sephora catalog in the trash? A family scuffle was about to go down!!!

-31 days til the big 3-0. I can't wait.:)

-Happy Birthday to Spencer and Kelton!, my "bam-bam babies". They are 3 now. I got pictures from their pre-birthday bash...I post them soon.

-That MAC Smoke Signals Collection looks WONDERFUL!!!

-Seriously, I feel like shaking Linda Wells and Allure...what in the hell in Britney Spears doing on that cover? Ugh.

-Is it me or is the Fall Shoe and Handbag Trends seriously fly for the '07?

-Right now, I'm reading to The Nanny Diaries in antispation on the release of the movie...

Love you all!!


Weekend Rantings and Ravings...

Monday, August 13, 2007

Let's see...Nothing happened this weekend for me as usual. I started to do some straighten up for the company that is my aunts " headz of the familyz" Bonnie, Maxine, Mary, and Andrea coming in this week. Only "BJ" and "Big Grin" are staying with me. So I'm so nervous that my house is not going to be perfect enough to for them. They are both clean freaks. Besides that I went to church only to leave early because Midget #1, Spencer, acted like a nutcase most of the service. This church does have one of those lovely kids care or "Children's Church". That drives me insane. And crazy acting children in church drives me insane. I just took Boo and his "Bruh" up out of there. Other than that... I got some bullet points!!!:

-I actually sat down and watched the Fashionista Diaries on SOAP. I like it! Of course I'm a fan of Janjay. She's not some over the top loud attitudinal black girl diva they all want her to be( I bet producers thought she would be) instead she's almost quiet but quick to give a look if it ain't cute. I'm soooo jealous that they are working for Flirt!, Jane , and that PR agency. Poor Nicole, she act like this is her first job. And when her bosses were like, "Stop crying" I was thinking,"Girl, stop crying, this ain't Macy's!" Check out this take on the Diaries.

-I also watched Kiki Lee Simmons on her new reality show, Kimora: Life in the fast lane. I think the best part of the show in little Miss Aoki Simmons. That thing is a
mess!!! She'll say anything!

-I saw some new Milani Matte lipsticks the other day in CVS on Garner Road in the "Burg. I definitely going to grab some up for the fall and do a review on them!!!

-My babies will be 3 on Saturday. Of course they won't be home( his weekend...) but I can't help think back what I was doing this week this time three years ago. I was laying on my back on bed rest. I shall tell them this story every year for the rest of their lives!!!

-It's finally a little cooler here in the Cackalack. I seriously thought I would never leave my house again. And I'm dreading my utility bill.

- I got a Ulta catalog Saturday. That made me think of the Fall Sephora catalogs. Has it came out yet?

-I'm out of my Fashion/Beauty depression. I'm just going to make it work!!!


"I admit it" Friday F.O.T.D....

Friday, August 10, 2007

I admit that today I used a WAY out of date foundation on my face. I mean I bought this MAC Hyper Real Foundation like about three...four years ago. But, I doesn't smell, it's not separating, and it still matches perfectly. And yes, I have it on in this picture!!! Seriously, I don't even know the color number on it and its in glass bottle. I don't think they even make it in a glass bottle anymore.( cringe ).

Other things on my face not four years old:

Tarte Sunburst Beaded Bronzing Lotion

Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Blush in Soft Plum

Smashbox Fusion Eye Shadow in Smashing Sequence

Milani EasyBrow in Dark Brown

Tarte Lights, Camera, Splashes Waterproof Mascara in Black

Clinique Glosswear in Cabana Crush

VS Beauty Rush l/g in ?( It's a raspberry color,I'm missing the label with name on it:))


Oh how I love a Purse...Buzz, Purse Buzz!!! and more stuffage...

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Happy Birthday to my little cousin Raven( above)! She's 15. Going on 30.:) I remember her being born and we was like, "yay!! we got a girl!" I couldn't imagine being 15 right now. Ipods, MySpace, Cellphones, acrylic nails, American Eagle, Bratz Movie...It was so much easier in 1994.

I love the website/blog/YouTube celeb called Pursebuzz I've watched all of her videos, including the ones that won't help none( like the hair ones). She's so cute and sweet. Right now she's got one that about the "wonders" of MAC vanilla pigment. Now, I have a Ebay sample jar( with about 20-25 left) but I seriously haven't used it that much. But check out her sweet vid on it. I did the mix of vanilla piggie and moisturizer this morning and saw glowy difference in my skin.

My training for my new job is over and we are finally in the stages of going to our new store. Today we had "orientation" for all the new hires. And of course there was an "icebreaker".

Dream Vacation

Thank you Jesus I was in the back because I honestly was stuck on that, "Dream Vacation, Hobby" thing. I mean I have about 25 dream vacations I want to take. I haven't really been alot of places. And hobbies, I've got several hobbies. But folks were saying for dream vacays, "Hawaii, Bahamas, anywhere there's a beach..." Well it finally got around to me and I said, "An European Tour...France, Italy, Britain". It felt good to dream out aloud, even at a new hire orientation. For hobbies, I said,"Writing and blogging about fashion and beauty and shopping" Top priority hobbies to me!!!


Don't Tell Nobody...

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

So this morning, I wake up late. I was mad as hell because I was running late. To make myself feel a "little better I put on my favorite earrings( in the pic below, old pic below:))and dugout Black Radiance Eyeshadow Quartet in Retro Chic( below). That deep periwinkle blue is pretty and matched my fav earrings perfect. Then I sprayed in Lancome's Miracle and was ready for the rushed day ahead....but...

At work today...a co-worker was like "I love your hair, who done it?". So I said, "I did." Then this broad says,"Really? It's so pretty, but don't tell people you do your own hair." So I say, "So I suppose to make up a name of someone and lie, seriously?" Then this broad says, "I would." Then she left.

I mean, I do my hair out of NECESSITY and pickyness. Back when I was in the Rock/QC("Queen City", Charlotte), I had a college friend who also had a cosmetologist license who did my hair. I called her my "weaveologist" because that chick could stitch some tracks real serious. She also could make bond weave look like a stitch. And she would not charge me out the pocket for any of it. She would give me tips on putting my own hair in and how to do it. So I started to do it myself. And I always get mad compliments. Hell, I get people asking me to do some "kitchen sink" hair. It saves me money and gas and time. I also hate sitting in the salon, the smells, the gossip, the hustle man, and slow ass hairdressers, get on my nerves.

As far as I'm concerned...I did my hair and I'm not ashamed to tell folk.

Thanks for reading the vent!:)


Weekend Rantings and Ravings...

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Bullets and more bullets...

-I'm training for job across from SRMC( Spartanburg Regional Medical Center) and I see so many medical workers each day, with those cute scrubs on. I think scrubs are so cute, I wish I could stand to be in a hospital or health care so I can wear them. They look so comfy. Scrubs even make those horrid Crocs shoes look good.

-I'm wearing Burberry Weekend Women today. I always thought it smelled like the Burberry Weekend for Men. Plaintiff used to wear it and tell me that I smell like him. I still want the Burberry Summer. I smelled that one day in Dillards. Do you know I have not had new fragrance ALL SUMMER?

-Have ya'll heard that Jane Magazine is going under?

-I need a trip to B&N for some heavy magazine reading...

-Why did my kids remind me to put "hair grease" on their hair on Friday morning?

-I'm going to stop eating after 9, because it gives me nightmares. Or maybe I need to stop sleeping on the couch.

-I'm in a beauty/fashion depression. How am I going to afford everything I want for the Fall?


Super Rave!: Nubar Support The Cure...

Recently I found out that a very close girlfriend, Gabrielle, of mine who is only 31 years old was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma Stage 2 progressive Cancer. It grounded me for a couple of days. My father passed away from Colorectical cancer and now a friend is sick. She reassured me that if she has fought any fight this is her Heavyweight Champion fight and she wasn't giving up for anything. The folks over at Nubar asked me to review their new Support The Cure Collection for aiding cancer research and helping those fighting for there lives against cancer. The kit includes:

Pink Cami


Foundation Base Coat

Diamont Seal and Shine

Nubar's products are also Formaldehyde-free,Toluene-Free, and DBP-free and not tested on animals. The pic up top is my hand with Pink Cami( two coats), Je'Taime ( one coat) Foundation( one coat), and Diamont Seal and Shine( one coat).


Rural Glamour, Cover Girl...

Friday, August 03, 2007

This morning, I thought I would go for a "black eye", not "smokey" just black eyeliner and black shadow. I dug out Cover Girl's 1-kit eyeshadow in Black Tie from the Queen Collection. It's more dark grey than black but I patted it on with the brush for more intensity. I like it alot and it got me thinking about Cover Girl. Usually when I go in a drugstore or Target. I skip on by it, unless there is something new from the Queen Collection. I'll admit I'm not to keen on the packaging. You can't try most of it because its all sealed up. So I went on their website, which is very informative and fun.

These are some colors that the site selected for me after I signed up and included my skin coloring, hair color, eye color, and color palette:

From the left:

Eye Slicks in Glistening Gold

WetSlicks in Tangerine Splash

Outlast LipShine in Antique Rose

1-kit Shadow in Forever Fig

Perfect Point e/l in Grey Khaki

Boundless Color in Fuchsia Fatale

They look good on the screen but will the look good in person. I'll have a review later on!



Friday's Stuff...

Morning! Yes, I'm up this morning blogging because I represent a small majority of people...I'm a morning person. Having two chil'ren will do that to you. But after a yummy breakfast and a tall cup of Sumatra brew, I'm ready to rock. On Wednesday, I picked these fun earrings at Linda's Avon. I think they are so cool. They look like something my mom wore back in 1983 with one her fantastic hand knitted off shoulder sweaters and Chic jeans.

I think L'Oreal has done a little of a overhaul of their HIP line. They been adding new things like gel liners and new glosses and had tons of clearance back in May. I noticed that they changed the colors of their Illuminating Highlighter. The one of the left is the old one, has more bronze tones and the one of the right is the new one, more gold tones. I like both but prefer the old.

Did you notice? My camera's back in effect!! Thank ya' Jesus! lol!

Have a splendid day and great Friday! I'm off to get another can of Blue Diamond Almonds in Wasabi and Soy Sauce.

Completely Un-focused...

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Okay...I only had like an hour on the computer and I was planning on blogging but I got caught up chasing the gossip blogs and watching you tube videos... I'll be back tomorrow, fresh, ready to rock.:) Meanwhile, check this bag out Be-none-ce( Watch Meet the Brown's, you'll get it, lol!) is carrying. Now its some 45k Louis V bag and I was one of fav blogs, Brown Sista, and a fabulous debate was stirring around it. My opinion on it:

She got it for free. She didn't buy that bag. So what if its 45k? The car I covet right now ( 2008 Toyota Camry) don't cost that much. me a Camry. lol!!

Love ya'll!


Current Beauty and Fashion events in my life...

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Today's been a long day. You know how its payday and you are still depressed about it. Yep...Payday made me depressed. But...I just dropped off a Avon/mark order at Linda's Avon. The first in months...lately I haven't seen anything in the Campaigns I dig. Jillian Dempsey has some great collections out...I couldn't find them online, but when my order comes in, I'll make sure to take pics:). Today, I saw a two girls, teenagers come in with these pink Converse high tops and the low tops on. I like the low tops better...and I think I want a pair. I'll pair it with some of slouchy jeans and cute vintage t-shirt. The challenge will be making them 'grown up' for the 'about-to-be' 30 year old. Any suggestions in outfit...Holla!

I got an email from Allure/Dior for a makeup workshop. Westgate Mall in the 'Burg actually has a Dior counter, in Dillards. So this the free gift with only two product purchases. I signed up...I need to freshen up my makeup collection for the fall.