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Rural Glamour F.A.Qs....

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hi Everyone!!

Got some questions for your girl to answer!!:

"Ok, so I want to start wearing a little make up, I know don't laugh!!!! Do you have any tips for somebody that has only worn make up about twice in my life????"-Kita

You did the right thing already....Asking for help on the makeup matter. I'll tell you why....:)

1)Don't go running out and buying expensive makeup. I've seen so many of my friends run straight "one popular makeup counter", get pimped into a ton of products, then get home and don't know how to use them.

2) Identify what you want. Figure out what kind of look you want, for example, you want a natural look for the day and couple of hot looks for the night.

3) Start with the basics. Here's a list( For Kita, since I "know" her lol!!):
- a black mascara
- a big fluffy powder brush
- a eye shadow brush
- a blush brush( Try to get all these brushes in a one set...The best drugstore brushes in my opinion in a set are Essence of Beauty at CVS)
-a neutral( something that looks very similar to your lip color) lip gloss
-a pink( something that can be dressy) lip gloss
-a black eyeliner
-a eye shadow quad or trio with neutral colors( like vanilla,brown, bronze, etc..)
-a translucent powder(I call this a "starter" foundation, because it gives coverage with out looking covered and you don't have to match it to your skin color)
-a makeup bag

4)'s the part where it gets tricky...

-you got to learn how to apply all this, if you don't know how already. I learned by reading magazines and books but that can be time consuming...I would NOW make an appointment with a makeup artist who KNOWS makeup application or with a friend who knows makeup application.

-The problem I see with going to makeup counters and asking for that kind of help is that they will often charge and you get you money's worth in products or you feel guilty and obligated to buy products after sitting there with them for 40-45 minutes.

-Or you can skip all this and go head first and learn by trial and error by yourself. It's cheaper that way!

-After getting the basics figured it all out...then you can venture to other things like false lashes, bright shadows, blushes...the sky's the limit!!...

To my beauty babes...what else should Kita have in her "starting out kit"?


N.O.T.D.: Revlon Chocolate Truffle and Essie Flower Girl

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Revlon Chocolate Truffle( new from Revlon!) and Essie Flower Girl....
I love those french manicures that have different colors other than the usual pink and white. I decided try a different look. I was eating brownies and they gave me inspiration!!!

I used no guides, like the white strips that come in a French mani kit. Just a steady hand and the dining room table. I've great a good idea for Valentine's Day!

Review:Tarte Bottoms Up Lower Lash Mascara...

I used to not wear mascara on my lower lashes. I somehow created a smudgy mess every time I TRIED...
It wasn't til' I had the opportunity to try Tarte Bottoms Up Lower Lash Mascara that there is an answer to the smudgy mess!Italic
"Have a whole new reason to celebrate with the first mascara specifically designed to precisely coat each and every bottom lash. We've paired a long-wearing, flake-free formula with a precision tapered brush that allows you to target the tiniest of lashes and wide-set bristles that separate and evenly coat.The water-resistant formula won't end up underneath your eyes."
The truth will set you lashes free!!!I 've tried Bottoms Up for three days and I am totally convinced of lower lash mascara. I had no smudging and even greater ,found that I have long lashes on the bottom because of Bottoms Up lengthening brush. You can't never have too many mascaras. In my world, "holy grail" or "HG" mascara doesn't exist.
Add Bottoms Up to your arsenal.:)

Rural Glamour Wishlist: Essie Spring Collection 2009...

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The only color I want in this collection is Mesmerize, the "smurfy" blue shade:). Like I don't own ten or more blue nail colors already! ha!!!


Review: Cantu Shea Butter Break Cure Strenghtening Treatment....

Two weeks ago, I bought Cantu Shea Butter Break Cure in search of a daily moisturizer. I thought to myself, since I love the relaxer,I would like this, too. Even though on the website its described to use...Directions: After rinsing shampoo, apply a generous amount of conditioner to hair. Massage in from the roots to the tips. Rinse thoroughly. Style as usual, the jar states it can be used as a daily moisturizer.
So, I apply it and seal my hair with my oil mix. It takes to much product to "cover" the hair. Then it doesn't do anything special...
But the worst part...It doesn't work well with heated appliances...AT ALL. I tried flat iron my hair after putting on a bit for a shine and it made my hair hard as a brick.
No more products from Cantu outside of that banging relaxer they make. boo.:(

Rural Glamour and Curls Giveaway!!!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

New Contest!!!!
The great peeps over at are teaming up with Rural Glamour again for bring a new contest!!!
Here's the prize:
The lucky winner would receive one of our newly created, fun and fashionable Curl Gel-les’c T-shirts that says on the front “Are you envious?” and on the back “…of my CURLS?”, as well as a full size bottle of Curl Gel-les’c packaged in a Limited Edition bottle!

What's Gel-les'c?:

It isn’t a gel, and not quite a serum, it’s Curl-gel-les’c. This botanically based, organic curl styler imparts brilliant sheen, banishes frizz, and holds those twirls in place! Create envious curls that every woman dreams of, with Curl-gel-les’c . Go ahead, your curls deserve it!
Great for all curly hair types. Best when use with the CURLS hair care system.

So this is what you do:
-Leave a comment on telling me "How do you pamper your hair?"
-The winner will chosen at a "random hat pulling"lol!!
-Contest on this blog ends Thursday, January 29, 2009 @ 11:59pm EST.
-The winner will be post by noon on Friday, January 30, 2009. Curls will send the gift to you!!!
-Don't leave your email in the comments section, I'll get it from the winner later. I don't want you getting any unwanted spam from people stalking blogs and leaving and sending spam.
-"Anonymous" comments will be disqualified.



Review: Tarte ReCreate natural anti-aging foundation with Wrinkle Rewind™ Technology SPF 15

This weekend, I had the chance to try out some great new goodies from Tarte. They are blazing trails in "green beauty" and I want to get on board. I've have been wearing Tarte ReCreate
natural anti-aging foundation with Wrinkle Rewind™ Technology SPF 15 in Warm Walnut
( picture above). Here's why I'm in LOVE with this foundation:
-The coverage is full...My face was fully covered, scars and all. Would make a great concealer, if you wanted to do I couple spots here and there. But I'm a "drag queen" and full face is my favorite look.Lol!
-My face was instantly moisturized. I forgot to put on moisturizer on my face Sunday morning and put on ReCreate and it didn't feel tight or dry.
-Stays put for HOURS. Not a smudge, or a stain on my clothes, nothing!! I took a nap Sunday afternoon with it on and my pillowcase was clean when I awoke.
-Perfect color match with lots of colors for brown divas...I choose Warm Walnut and it was a perfect match. Tarte's website gives you a detailed description of each color(ex: Warm Walnut-deep tan skin with yellow undertones). The Walnut color is ALREADY SOLD OUT. Go get ReCreate Foundation now!!

Rural Glamour:Weekend N.O.T.D and Revlon Marble-ous Match...

Hi Everyone!! I hope you had a great weekend. Mine was okay, blessed to be alive!!! I played in makeup and beauty goodies all weekend...preparing for a great week here on Rural Glamour.:)

I did this N.O.T.D. on Saturday. It's Revlon Black Lingerie. It's one of there new colors they've come out with. Revlon is stepping the game up in nail polish. Black Lingerie is creamy and glossy. It has no shimmer and its not flat colored. Best black nail color in my collection so far....Please get this if you see it, you will not disappointed!

I picked up Revlon Marble-ous Match in Steeling Beauty a couple of weeks ago. I decided to play with it last night and absolutely adore it!!! Its a shadow pencil on one end, liner on the other.

The shadow pencil end is very soft and it took about three layers to get intensity.I lined with the liner pencil end on the top and bottom and smudged the top to blend in the colors...

I need the other colors in the pencil. I got mine at Walgreens for like $2.40 clearance. It was the only color I want the other colors. Have you tried any of the Marble-ous Matches?

Rural Glamour Wishlist: OPI South Beach Collection for Spring 2009

Friday, January 23, 2009

I love fall and winter. I love hot chocolate, layers, curling up on the couch under my Founder's Blanket, warm scents, dark nail polish, smokey eyes,...So I'm not looking forward to spring which actually summer here.
I'm not ready to pack away all my dark polishes but when I saw OPI's new spring collection South Beach...I instantly got excited about spring well...summer in the Carolinas.
My personal picks are Overexposed in South Beach,OPI on Collins Ave and Done Out In Deco.
Check out e-polish blog and Scrangie for swatches of all the colors...let me know your picks!
Release date: 02/04/09

Review: Milani Lip Mixer...

Hi All!!!
I come today to finally give you my personal scoop in Milani Lip Mixer. I've had them for about three weeks and...well let me tell you some history on how I got...important stuff.:)
My blogger sista Kim sent them to me after still no avail down in these parts. I got Lip Mix( above) and Lip Fuse( a gorgeous pink).
I absolutely love them!!! They are hydrating and the color is amazing and rich. You get a slight sweet smell, no taste,and not tacky or sticky...which I like personally, I don't eat lip!
I tell you, when they finally get here...I'm going to get the other colors.
PS- The last two SMS posts and the pigment post I'm wearing Lip Mix...I love it that much.I've been wearing everyday.:)
Have you used them? Or seen them in your area.... Let me know!

Rural Glamour: Playing With MAC Pigments and Loose Eye Shadows...

Thursday, January 22, 2009


I have a mini tackle box full of pigments and loose shadows that I tend to forget even exist. When I first discovered MAC pigment in 2005, I was amazed and quickly became a junkie, trying scope up as many as I could. I bought most of them, all samples, on Ebay. Then I got to bored...

Ever so often, I reach for the tackle box o' piggies to see if I work with any. I'll be honest pigments are little intimidating. They are loose, tend have fall out all over my face. Well....after a many You Tube videos on working with them and all the uses for them, my confidence is back!!

Here I have MAC Golder's Green and Gold Dust and BE Emotion. I've never used Emotion and don't know how I came to own it. Golder's Green and Gold Dust...I've used but were not super excited about them....I picked them all out of the box by chance.

I used Gold Dust in the inner corners to almost the lid...pressing the color in the skin with a stiff brush...layering for intensity. Then Golder's Green in the mid lid. I blended the two slightly. I've learned that it better for me to blend as I go rather than wait to all the colors are applied. Then Emotion is applied in the corners up into the crease, halfway...just to my iris.

I love it!! It's looks like camouflage!
I think I'll start a Pigments/Loose Eye Shadow Challenge like the H.I.P. eye shadow Challenge...I got so many to work with:)
Anybody else have piggies or loose shadows and how do you "work" them?
Holla at me!!

Rural Glamour: Me and The Cosmetics Settlement...

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Jamie's account of The Cosmetics Settlement:):

I didn't go the the first day it started, which was 1/20/09. It snowed down here and when it snows in South Carolina, the world stops turning and every one runs out to get milk and bread from Bi-Lo. was all day "midgetry", Kel and Boo, because school was cancelled too...

I went today instead, bright and late around noon. When I got to Dillard's, I signed a list then I was handed a list of the items that where available. I had already eyeballed the list at home, but whatever. The SA quickly highlighted what was LEFT... Clinique Moisture Surge( pass...not a Clinique fan...and has had this before in the past) Armani Code Shower Gel( For Men...Kel and Boo ain't old enough, ha!) and Estee Lauder Night Repair. WTF? Sigh...I went reluctantly and picked up the Night Repair, which better than nothing.

But I just blew my mind that in 24 hrs this was all that was left. None of the 10 or so Lancome Mascaras...but just those three items. I dared to think of driving to Greenville to the Dillards and Macy's up there to see what they had left but I changed my mind and got on the road home.

What did you get from the Cosmetics Settlement Giveway? Let me know!!!

But on a good note, my Victoria's Secret decided to bring out some of the leftover semi annual sale stuff on the beauty side of the store. I got:

Pout Beauty to Wear Treasure Chest-3.75( regularly 25.00)
Beauty Rush Oil Blotting Sheets-1.25
Just Kiss Me Glossy Lip Balm( I wanted this the last Semi Annual Sale and passed on it and was thinking about it since...and there is was)-3.00=9.01 with tax included.


Good Sale Buys at Accessory Bug!!....

If the First Daughters Malia and Sasha love her...I'll like her too!!!:) Miley Cyrus...
And right now Accessory Bug is offering a 10% off with coupon code:newyear09

Shopping My Stash:Too Faced Chronicles in The Future Lovers...


How's everyone today! Today's SMS is Too Faced The Quickie Chronicles The Future Lovers. I got this, I know, two years ago. I've might have done a FOTD on it before, I can't remember. I once got a question from a reader wanting to know.."How many Quickie Chronicles are there?". I emailed Too Faced...And nobody ever got back. Don't you hate companies who don't answer emails about a product? geez....
Dusty I have tried to work this palette or whatever for the longest. The colors are strange mix.
Note:What I have found out in the past is that the lipglosses are all the same in the TF/QCs I've had...

I did the blue and pink shades on the eye....blended well, great combo...

I also have on the blush...which look really light but very highlighting to the cheek bones...


Shopping My Stash:Jessie's Girl 432A-3...

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Okay...I know what you are saying..."How many SMS posts are going to do, dang!" And my answer is..."AS MANY AS I LIKE".:)

This isn't old. I bought this in September or August and haven't used it. It was still in the cellophane wrapping. I can't be this irresponsible...having unopened or unused products...not in this!!

This is Jessie's Girl Bejeweled 432A-3 quad.

The shades in the quad reminds me of a look MakeupByRenRen did called Aqua Mermaid Eyes...

The light white shade is in the inner corner to the mid lid, the blue is mid lid to the corner, the olive color is in the crease and the brown is on the brow bone...whew!

I love it!! I want to use it more...

N.O.T.D:Maybelline Starlight Shimmer and Ruby Kisses Snow White....

Ah....I love this ensemble!!!!At first, I didn't think she would be warm enough but she is in layers:The long coat, a cardigan and a long dress. THEN she did those green gloves after the morning coffee....Honey!!.... The First Diva better know how to do the "finishing touches"!!!

This N.O.T.D is inspired by the Isabel Toledo dress combo...I first did two coats of Maybelline Starlight Shimmer then two coats of Ruby Kisses Snow White...

What a great day!!:)

Rural Glamour Reading: Confessions of a Beauty Addict...

I must have this on the January 27, which is Tuesday!!!


Rural Glamour FAQs.....

Monday, January 19, 2009


I'm so excited about this new part of my blog....Rural Glamour FAQs. I don't normally get alot of questions but lately I've been getting a couple in my comment boxes that I think would be great address.

I'm not a professional anything, really. So if I don't know the answer I will definitely find the answer from an expert. If I do know the answer, I'll answer it...makes any sense?lol!!

Question: Hey Jamie,What is your technique for putting on eyeshadow?-TrinkyWiggly( WU people!!!! Hey girl!)

Well, Personally, I'm still working on technique. I got tired of complaining that I wasn't "technique-y" and got some help. It's called YOU TUBE! And there some great you tubers that do awesome tutorials on application of all kinds of makeup. My two favorite YTs are Makeup by RenRen and EnkoreMakeup. Both are professional makeup artists. RenRen does fast, informative and creative tutorials. I trust her mainly because she does admit to doing alot of ethnic she gets colors and lines for a Diva like me perfectly. I've learned stuff from Enkore I would never thought possible. One the first vids I saw of him was he showed how you can get to all of the leftover lip gloss out of a tube. I thought he was a genie!! lol! Watch beauty you tubers religiously, it will help you perfect e/s technique.

Question:I love the nail designs. What is your technique? Or is that a secret you are taking to your grave? LOL!-Ohthatgirl( what's good,mama!)

I'm new to the nail design thing too. I think of a design I want to do, then practice it on my thumbs til I like it then do it on my nail. I also draw what I think I would like to do with colored markers. Start simple with maybe two colors and simple lines to get what you want. Then bump up you designs. I wish I could do video tutorials on this sort of thing.... my favorite nail design You Tuber...julieg713. Her holiday nails were awesome!!

Anymore questions? or any comment box...:)


Shopping My Stash: Pieces of Becca Cosmetics....

Friday, January 16, 2009

Hi Everyone!! I hope that everyone has a great weekend! My Baby Kel is sick( the weather is a beast down here, he can't get well:( )so I'll be confined to the house nursing him to health. He will enjoy that, he's spoiled!

Also, everyone who is on their way to DC for the historical festivities or lived there already, be safe, have fun, keep warm!!! I have alot of family and friends who are either up there now or on the way soon.

Now to today's Shopping My Stash! I love Becca Cosmetics so much!!! I was first introduced to them by mistake. My dear friend Gabrielle( RIP Gab!! You are my angel-Diva) took to me a lingerie shop that was near Potion, a great makeup store in Charlotte NC. I walked in and in 15 mins had bought over $200 of Becca( I was ballin' out of control back in the cut...).

I got each of these colors in a different Becca Gift Sets. They normally offer sets around Christmas and its the best way to get great pieces at a lower price. Becca is not cheap. Nor is the quality. They have foundations that fit the best of the brown girls!!!Fire people firrreeeee!!!

I found last night (from the left) eyeshadows in Jacquard, Satin and loose powder in Athena

Jacquard is on the lashline to mid lid, Satin mid-lid to the crease and Athena is highlighting the brow bone.

I love the natural look of the three. I never thought I could wear neutrals so light and pretty.:) Perfect for day.

F.O.T.D.: AKA Founder's Day!!...

Thursday, January 15, 2009

It's Founder's Day for my amazing and beautiful sorority,Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated...founded on this day, January 15, 1908 on the campus of Howard University.

I'm very " I crossed the burning sands last night" today. But, I can do that!!!! *singing, "I got a big egooooooo"* lol!!

I've had this shirt since I crossed back in 1996. Amazing, I still can wear it.:)

YES, a Diva also did pink and green eye makeup to go with the shirt and the! I used the emerald green colors and white from the Mally Roncal from Sephora palette and Jessie's Girl Baked e/s in Volcanic.

With the flash...

Without the flash....

Skee-Wee My Sorors!!!

N.O.T.D.: AKA Founder's Day Special....

Happy Founder's Day to all of the ladies of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated!!!! 101 years and standing!!!!!

I felt like a neophyte when I started this nail design last night. I decided to do all of the nails with design instead of the just the pinkie or the ring finger.

I used for the base color, ChG Emerald Sparkle( Thanks Aisha!), the pink design in Ruby Kisses in Carnival and the White is a basic nail design color I purchased at Sally.

I've gotten some great compliments on my nails, including, "Where you get your nails done at?" and you know what my answer was...
"At my house":)