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Nail Polish, Joan, and Me

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Last nite, I got totally caught up in Joan Rivers Beauty on QVC. I mean, I didn't buy anything because of my "Financial Obligations" but I just love to see the host, Lisa and Joan talk about really over priced goodies that she is selling. I also loved to watch her and her jewelry shows too. She is a salesperson to the T. So is that Lisa chick. Lisa said this last night...

" You know how you need you lips to have that amazing shine and glossiness, your nails MUST have that uncompromising shine, too."

She had wanting to paint my nails.

I'm a fan of shopping channels, not necessarily shop but to watch the sales technique and personalities. HSN has that guy Antthony who sells those Muumuus. He is such a sweetheart!! And Sephora Beauty and Friday Night Beauty on QVC...Okay I know don't have a life.


Wassup shawty...

Where have I been? Busy as hell and need to break down and get some DSL for my house so I can stop coming over my mom's to use my own computer. See, I'm actually cheap. THESE two people are the cause of such long bouts of no blogging( well, days are long bouts). They must have all of Mommy's attention.
But they didn't stop me from going by my spot, the Green's Salvage for more Salon Goodies.Total in this picture: 10.50.
And...I'm planning a Housewarming/Sleepover/Weekend for a FEW of my closest girlfriends at my new la casa.They are really exicited and so am I. These are the handwritten invites I did on Papyrus Stationary. I got the stationary at Marshalls. I've only been in Papyrus once and was so in love but there are none around here. I also consulted my editions of Basic Black. The white one is a updated version.
These are two 1.00 scores from the Salvation Army in Union.
I sooooo promised to update more. If any one wants to buy me a laptop and pay my BellSouth/AT&T DSL bill...let me know!