Coming Soon! Review from CSN Stores...

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I'm needing one thing in my life right now more than anything....

More time.

How do I get more time? Well, by knowing what time it is! lol! Seriously, I dont wear a watch and I dont have a clock in my bedroom. The only way I know time it is to look at my cell phone.

Isn't this clock cute! I need an alarm clock more than anything, so the kids won't be late for school. Its sold at CSN stores along with other great clocks, office furniture, shoes  and laptop bags....

Isn't this laptop bag cute....planning on getting a new laptop soon hopefully.:)

Review:Freetress Equal Lace Front with Baby Hairline in Billy.....

 My wig game is a straight mess compared to those wig divas in You Tube! lol! I mean, I wear a wig as a protective style mainly in the winter, so only own a few wigs. The last wig I was wearing got very matted in the back very quick, so it was time to get another.

This is Freetress Equal Lace Front with Baby Hairline in Billy #1 . I bought her at my local BSS. She was originally $49.99 but he gave me 25% off discount. I dont think lace fronts move much down where I live. You rarely see women wearing them and I always get questions about mine.

 Its a full cap with clips in the front and nape.

-Beautiful waves and curls
-Soft texture
-Great glamous length
 There is only a little bit of a "baby" hairline. Didn't make much difference on me since I don't shave my edges back for that "clean" look.
-It sheds bad.
-The cap is too small for my head and all my hair

- I like the wig but Freetress Equal wig caps are too small. I hate that even after I pinned the sides down, it was still sliding back.