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~Rural Living~ Five Ways to Restart Your Weight Loss.....

Friday, October 12, 2012

Hey Everyone!

After losing weight and gaining most of it back this year, I’m here to tell you that I will be starting the weight loss journey over soon. However, I want to make sure that I’m dedicated and focused like I was before. Yes, I was focused but I also got lazy after I lost a significant amount and I slacked off with my eating and exercise.

There is nothing wrong with starting your weight loss journey over! Here are some tips I plan on using to get back on track and get the weight off.

1       1)      Reset goals- I’m going to go back and pull all my food diaries and goal diaries to see what I was focusing on back then. Also, I going to look for in those diaries what worked and what did not work.
2       2)      Take measurements and weight- The last time I lost the weight, I only took my weight but not my measurements like bust, hip and waist inches.  Those numbers are just as important as the scale numbers.
3       3)      Research new food alternatives to weight loss- What worked for me last time was portion control and water intake.  There are so many great ways to eat and lose weight  that have showed up in the last year: juicing, xango super fruits, smoothies, and many more. You never know what can happen for you unless you try.
4      4)      Challenge myself- Whether it’s a two week exercise challenge, a water intake challenge, or a 30 day no coffee challenge, it is important to believe that you can do it! Challenge yourself for a better self!
5      5)      Save the date- When you have all the goals and all the research done, set the date to start again. Celebrate this day as the day you became strong enough and wise enough to realize starting over is a fresh start!

I’ll be back really soon with my “Save the Date” for my renewed weight loss journey with goals, ideas, and all my research done. My grandma “Granny” used to tell me that “There is nothing wrong with falling down, it’s staying down there that is the problem”.  She was so rightJ.

This is a sponsored post for Xango, however, all the points and views are my own.