Style Friday: My Fall/Winter Fashion Wishlist!!!

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Hey Everyone!!

Here's my Fall/Winter Fashion Wishlist. I just LOVE this weather....until we got a Southern snow and I'm stuck in the house for three days because of two inches of snow.:(

"Shoeties" or "Booties"
Jeans ( at least two pair)
Demin vest
Black blazer
Chambray shirt
Large, HUGE Slouchy black hat
Moto jacket
Combat boots
New Winter Coat
Black Tights
Black heels or pumps
Black Cardigan

As you can see, I need ALOT of basics. I don't how this happens. I think its because I don't buy alot of clothing. I love fashion but my clothing budget is super slim. Plus, I buy jewelry and makeup before clothing. Finding things that fit and look good and I actually like is such a challenge with my size and height sometimes. So earrings and makeup almost always fit! LOL! But I don't give up, I can look good at any size. Things are looking up and I'm finding some great pieces at some good prices! I'll keep you updated and follow me on Instagram, that's where I post alot of my mini, itsy bitsy hauls. lol!

Quick! What Should I Buy? Holiday Guide 2014: $.99 E-Books From Delphine Publications......

Hey Everyone!!!

Here's an awesome Black Friday sale deal for my readers and book nerds. Delphine Publications is having a $.99 E-book sale available on these book titles on Amazon and Nook. I just read Splitting Karma and I'm in the middle of The Words I Didn't Say. If you are anything like me, just chilling in the house watching movies and eating this holiday, grab one of these $.99 deals and get ready dive into some interesting characters and their lives!!

Check out the list of $.99 books below and follow Delphine Publications on Facebook and Twitter. Plus, stay tuned for my book reviews of Splitting Karma, The Words I Didn't Say and Hate The Way He Loves Me.