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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

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Review: Vera Wang Glam Princess....



Review: Victoria's Secret Deep Nourishing Lip and Body Moisture Balm...

Ya'll all know I don't like lip balm, chapstick, anything greasy on my mouth before I put on greasy lipstick and gloss! lol! But, lip balm is soooo necessary and we have had the weirdest winter EVER in the South. So, I picked up Victoria's Secret Deep Nourishing Lip and Body Moisture Balm right around Christmas for $7.

-I like the size. Its big and two swipes will cover my mouth.
-I love the smell. Classic Vickie's with a mix of buttery-ness....
-Works on the body great too...I pulled this out a many of times in the absence of lotion to hit those ashy spots on my hands.
-Its greasy. Guess it the shea
-The top is not secure. It kept coming off as it rolled around in my bag. Maybe screw on top would be better

-Hate the top, love the product. Guess I can live with greasy mouth as long as its not flaky lips.:)