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Weekend Questions

Monday, November 06, 2006

These are just things I thought about this weekend( obviously I wasn't busy doing anything):

Where is my Sephora Holiday Catalog? I wonder if Jenn got hers...

Coach selling jewelry now? Oh boy...

Will Victoria's Secret send me a Holiday 2006 catalog this year? or will i have to hunt it down on the MUA swap or Ebay?

I think I need to order another Mark.Mega pallette . I have too many Mark. shadows.

Thank God my children are not old enough to ask for a PlayStation.

If I'm losing inches why am I not losing weight? Grrrr...

No "Crew" Christmas Soiree/Get Down Party this year?

What in the world am I going buy my mother(who has every thang!) for Christmas this year?

Should I die my hair auburn?

Will Becca have a Sephora Gift Set this year?

I'm so not good with eating breakfast. unless its Waffle House.

Waffle House...

Why won't my damn LS Trevor check her MySpace?!

I miss her...She so foolish.

Oh God... Here comes those Christmas Editions of my Beauty/Fashion Magazines.:(

At least I'm not working at Ann Taylor for Christmas.I can't stand the rotation of the Christmas Musak CD from November to January.

Is Liya Kebede one of their new spokesmodels?

Yay, Tamia's coming out with a new album!! She so completely slept on.

Where will I go on Black Friday?

I must get that Faith Evans Christmas album this year.

I luv Christmas Music. Especially that"It's Christmas" by Donnie Hathaway