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~Goodwill/Salvation Army Collective Shoe Haul~

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Last week, I scored all these shoes for under $30. me do the math...:)

First up Salvation Army. Lately, the hometown Sal Val has been ok... finds here and there, the key is to go in twice a week, especially on Friday for some reason...

Maripe black stiletto boots ( That actually fit around my calf and still had the boot stuffing in them) $3.99
Maripe brown stiletto boots $3.99....apparently the same owner, I assume.
Brand new Cato flats-$3.99
Franco Sarto Brown Ankle boots-$3.99
George ( Walmart) handbag-$2.99

Vintage (60's-70s) John Romain handbag-$2.99
Next up...Goodwill.. Y'all know my story, never any shoes at the Goodwill in my size but if you got a small foot (6,7,8) can rack up.

Athletic Works( Target) sneakers-$3.99
ESNY wedge scarf thongs-$3.99

Sal Val Shoes-$3.99 x 4=$15.96
Sal Val Handbags-$2.99 x2=5.98
Goodwill Shoes-$3.99 x2=7.98
= $29.92 ( without tax)

~Hometown Dollar Store Haul!!~

***DISCLOSURE*** These items were purchased at a "privately" owned dollar store in my hometown with no affliation to Family Dollar, Dollar Tree, or Dollar General. They have the best stuff in there though! LOL!

Sooo....I went to into "Jimmy's Dollar Store" to get my boys deodorant, back up deodorant at SEVEN years old. ***sigh*** and ran into the steal of the day!!! Clearanced Borghese nail polish and treatments!!

I wasn't able to look like I wanted because they were fresh out of school and we needed get home for homework but I picked up some things really quick plus two other AMAZING goodies...

French Mani sets in Toscano Nude and Toscano Pink....
Duro Nail Strengthener and Maximo Nail Growth Treatment....
Illumunare  Hand Serum and  Radiant Hand Creme...looks like some of this stuff came from Walgreens....

Then, I picked up these two shell bags for a $1 a piece. I got Grandma the same two. See, I love her....I buy her stuff.:) I tucked the handles in and they make the PERFECT clutch...I'm going to repair the broken pieces that I can with E-6000 glue.