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Review: Nicka K NK Hi-Def Eye Shadows...

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hi All!!

I picked up these Nicka K Hi-Def Eye Shadow singles at my local BSS after eyeing them for a while. At this particular store, there is an entire display, about 30 colors to choose from at only $1.49 a shade, so you know you girl had to pace herself!! lol!!

I grabbed 3020,3021 and names just numbers.

The pigment is super intense. When I used my MAC 213 brush to apply, the shadow picks up like a loose powder, but there is no fall- out and one layer is all your need. The blending is phenomenal, with the right brushes and technique:)

This is 3023, the black shade. Its kinda holographic, that is, it looks black, goes on rich dark blue but you step back and its a smoky grey...for $1.49.

This is 3020, the green shade....this more true to the shade you see, a very intense apple green

This 3021, the blue shade. Can't have enough blue shadow, I tell ya.... :)
I FEENIN' for more of them! But, the other colors are shades that look like I already have them.They all look like satin shadows, and I need more mattes.I would love create a palette with some of the colors. But at $1.49... I could possible buy all of them for the cost of Dior palette( no offense to my Dior lovers...). haha!