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Nicka K NK Lipstick....A Pretty Pucker for a Low Price!

Friday, April 01, 2011

I can honestly say I'm lipstick crazy. I prefer it over lipgloss anyday. I don't how that happened! I think the remergence of all things lady like set me on another beauty obessession.

I found NK ( Nicka K) lipstick at my local BSS for $1. Yes, ma'am....$1. Over the 2,3 years, I've had a couple and really didnt like them but after doing some research on some higher priced colors that I liked but didnt want to buy, I found that NK had alot dupes or very popular colors for this season.

The eight colors at the top are my favorites!!! Here they swatched on my hairy arm:

Starting for the left:
1) Natural- a creamy nude color

2)Chocolate- a creamy cocoa color, I use Chocolate to tone down some the Natural and another shade to match me perfectly

3)Peach Beige- a shimmery peach brown

4)Purple Rain- no where near purple! lol! Its a beige-y pink and I use a bit of NK Chocolate to perfect the color on me.

5)Vibrant Orange- a shimmer bright orange. I'm obsessed with Orange and Coral lippies for the spring/summer!

6) Divine Violet- The closest I've even gotten to a MAC Lavender Whip dupe

7) Brilliant Fuchsia- a beautiful shimmery deep violet

8)Ruby Red- NK has several reds, this was the perfect one for a me. A dupe of  L'Oreal Beyonce Infallible.
 Here are some of the duos I created with NK Lipstick.

( above) NK Natural and Chocolate

NK Divine Violet and Chocolate

The only con I would say about that I would say about the lipstick is the smell, which some weird plastic, watermelon, melon smell. However, NK Purple Rain must be one of the new formulas because it doesnt have the same smell.

Do you own any NK Lipsticks??? Let me know?