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Tuesday's Fashion/Beauty Observations...

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I'd supposed to have this up Monday...but I don't no focus sometimes.Especially after having a surprise migraine that after taking two Hydrocodine pills, one Ativan, and two maybe three( I can't remember) glasses of Pinot AND I smoked a clove cigarette didn't solve. Ewwww...things were got blurry from there. I actually hoped I wouldn't wake up...but I did. God has purpose for me. Now that I've shown my ass (lol!) here are my Tuesday Beauty and Fashion Observations!:

-My soror/homie/cousin T.Hall were talking about the use of fashion words and how people( well, we were talking about certain "folks") abuse them. Like the word "couture". We referenced one of our favorite shows, Charm School, and how Schatar pimped Darra into thinking that her stuff was "couture" and would get more money for charity. All because you got somebody to make you a dress or you got a dress altered doesn't mean its " haute couture".Other words abused on our list, "vintage","shabby chic","designer"(Shay on Charm School was like, "I got designer clothes" and held up a Bebe shirt. What other fashion words do people abuse?

-Johnson and Johnson's Melt Away Stress Trio of Body Wash,Body Lotion, and Massage Oil is absolutely fantastic. But I'm tired of it already because I used it every night for a week. I does everything it promises to do too.

-Why does MAC online have free shipping codes when I don't have no money. It's not their fault though, I never has no money!

-Ah...that wonderful VS Semi-Annual Sale is approaching and is already online. This when I really wish I was back in Charlotte so I can hit Carolina Place,Southpark(flagship),Galleria, and Eastland Malls VS' for a major haulage on Beauty stuff. I might can get some panties and Pink stuff,too. I tried on a Pink hoodie in Large and it fit. That sh*t is so cute...

-Is Beyonce that only minority sista People Style Watch going to put on their cover? I heart the magazine to death but come on...

-L'oreal has a nude lippie collection coming out called "Nude Match". I'm excited because now I might find a nude lippie at a low price that I like.

-Fashion Boy told me other day that he will accompany me to see the Bitten by Sarah Jessica Parker @ Steve and Barry's in G-ville. But only because he knows where the store is and I don't. Yeah right.


Memorial Day F.O.T.D!!

Monday, May 28, 2007 I'm wearing eyeliner. I was looking through the May 2007 People Style Watch decided to do a Drew Barrymore inspired look of black eyeliner and pink lips. Here's the scoop:
Face: no foundation.It's so hot down here and I need to lose some weight because I sweat like a piglet and my skin has turned noticebly oily as hell. I mean really oily with a breakout here and there. I need to do entire overhaul of face care already. But I do have on Tarte Clean Slate Face Primer.
Brows: Milani Easy Brow in Dark Brown
Eyes:Avon Glimmersticks in Blackest Black,then I took my Smashbox 12 brush with the slanted tip and ran over the eyeliner with mark. by avon black eyeshadow.
Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes Waterproof Mascara in Black
Cheeks- mark. in Love Glo
Lips- mark. pro gloss in Swank

The Good in a Bad Day...

I have a good day and then I have a bad day...

That's what happened Sunday, I had a bad day. A mix of broken promises and Sunday's newspaper listing of weddings and engagements set it off. I almost didn't recover, meaning I almost went into that dark place but what good about the God's blessing in giving me my house is that I have three bedrooms, my room, the boys' cabana, and an extra room( office/ironing room/library) I went in there and starting flip through some of my fashion and beauty books. In the nick of time my mom called me to see if I was coming over and so I grabbed my Sunday Clutch Bag( a navy blue Aigner clutch) and went over and hit the 'net. I kicked it on MUA and that made me feel better too, seeing all the new and great products people were gushing over. I even got some new recipes off the Food Board. Then the babes came home and my life lit up:). We went back home and I started to work on my lookbook.I found a picture of Missoni Home Passiflora Astrid Chair in Friday's USA Today that I decided not to put in my book but on my bathroom mirror for inspiration. It's obviously bright,quirky, cool like me.:) I found the good in a bad day.


*singing* "Naomi Campbell Walk, Naomi Campbell Walk!"

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Hope everyone is and will have a great Memorial Day Weekend. I'm just seriously kickin back reading,eating, writing, watching movies, laughing, trying to stay focus on a blessed life!!! My babies are in Charlotte so I'm by myself right now but I'm at my mother's and I plan on going home and making Nachos and watching The Devil Wears Prada. I kicked it at my one of favorite spots, Cafe Ishi and sipped on a Frozen White Chocolate Mocha and journal and blog brainstormed for couple hours. I'm in great mood for once!!! And I'm wearing my new Patrick Robinson for Target dress which I think I'm going order a black one just like. It's so comfy...I love it:) Well, I'm starving and I'll be back on Monday with Weekend Beauty and Fashion Observations!!! By the way go out and get the June 2007 W with Miss Naomi Campbell on the cover and her community service journal notes inside. I love her too:)


Go Patrick and Target and Jamie!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I got this dress and can't wait to wear it!!!!
I have this top on today...I thought the color would wash me out but I look very tan and bronzey in it. Oh, and I wearing a size Large, hehe!
I wanted this vest but not for 24.99 because I will not wear it enough.
I almost got this but it look way too Maternity top on me. Plus the lavender color looked bland on me.

I FINALLY got Target after trying ignore it for about two weeks, to scope out the Patrick Robinson for Target goodies. So, who's been shopping in the 'Burg because the picking were slimmie-slim! Seriously, there wasn't alot left but the sizes for myself( L-XL) were plentiful.I saw none of the batik print stuff, it was all gone. So who's been shopping in the 'Burg with some kinda style because SPBG,no offense, ain't that stylish. Probably Wofford and Converse College girls scooped it all up!( just kidding...I love the 'Burg what would I do with out it:))


Monday's Focus?

Monday, May 21, 2007

Face: no foundation,Tarte Bronzer in Hotel Heiress

Brows: Milani Brow Pencil in Dark Brown

Eyes: Jane All in Ones Eye Zings in Olive Green,Dusk, and Flamingo

Prestige Mascara in Black

Lips: VS Beauty Rush l/g in (oh Lord, I took the name of it off!, It's the caramel brown one that looks like clear gloss on me!)

It's Monday...Whatev. Trying to keep a positive outlook on the week. It's been hard peeps to do that but I've been putting together a list of Drugstore Wish Items that as soon as get some "play" money and I'm hitting the situation real hard!

Rembrandt Intense Stain Toothpaste

Pantene Midnight Expressions Shampoo and Conditioner for Black shades

Paul Mitchell Foaming Pomade( I didn't know CVS sold this...?)

Physicians Formula Mineral Talc Free Mascara and Baked Bronzer

CG Queen Collection Natural Hue Foundation

Dove Neck and Chest Cream( It's part of that anti-aging deal they got recently)

Johnson's Melt Away Stress Trio

I saw some new Maybelline stuff too but really want to go to Haywood and peep out what's new for MAC,go Whole Foods well just to go to Whole Foods, eat a meal not prepared by me, and ride a car with gas tank on full. Let me stop bitching...and get back to beauty and fashion.Get back to me and who I was about two months ago. Love ya'll:)



Something About Saturday...

As ya'll know, weekends are just hard for me. But I will say that they are getting a whole lot better. I just learn to go with the flow and just hang out and enjoy the days. This Saturday, my kids and I ended up at one of Union's parks during a big event and just walked around,ate lunch and took pictures. Now this bams-bams are just two( they look five, lol!) so I took the stroller out just in case they got tired of walking. I ended pushing them around in it! Here's Kelton posing and Spencie running.
Spencer thinks he's sexy ya'll!
Me. Casually fly. I finally got to try Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant and Anti-Persperant. It works on point! "washing the car" as they told me they were doing. My mother had put them on some weird olive colored socks that I couldn't stand. :)

Jamie's Day F.O.T.D.!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

I'm taking a day off from my life...seriously. No worrying about bills,jobs,men,food,weight,clothes,house just me doing me. No schedule..well not til the kids get home. I'm just doing nothing. I took two pics because I know I can be cheesy in my photos but my smile is geniune!
I have on no foundation. I need to though but after a week of super breakouts I'm giving my face a rest.

Brows- Milani Easy Brow in Dark Brown

Eyes- WnW Ultimate Expressions Eye Palette in Sand Castle.

MAC piggie in Pink Vivid

Maybelline Define A Lash Mascara in Blackest Black

Cheeks-Tarte Cheek Stain in Bronze Goddess

Lips- Goldie Lip Gloss in Whip It


A visit in back in time...2007 Fashion/Beauty Resolutions

Have I accomplished any these since Jan.1, 2007? Let see...

1)Step up the work attire fashion game-I've been there a year(December 30) and have moved up the ladder a bit. But this year I want show the Board of Trustees and the Library Director my dedication. Work harder and Dress better!!( I don't even work at the library anymore but I have step things up with dress pants and cute blazers and new pair of black pumps, I hate professional clothes, I feel like a monkey in a suit.:)

2)Continue to maintain healthy hair.- I plan on taking a more organic and natural route in the products that I use on my hair. I want it to be at it's peak strongest.( Definitely on the ball with this!!)

3)Step up the Shoe game for the winter-Normally in summer, I'm way more adventurous with wedges,strappy sandals, cute flip flops. But this season I've been living in flat city. Time to come up on the come up! ( Oh yes...I'm back on the "Shoe Crack"...and it better than ever!)

4)Indulge in more regular manicures( rocking no polish and no pro manis)

5)Buy new pillows and new satin pillowcases(Hadn't got around to it yet...)

6)Seek out and use more natural and organic products(Bath and Body,Skincare,Hair, maybe even makeup) Glam is getting Green,ya'll!( I got a list of companies and products to try...)

7)Find the perfect: shimmery peach l/g,nude l/g,brow pencil or powder,Blackest black mascara.( Miss Kim introduced me to a great nude, Cairo-mel by WnW, the others...still working on it)

8) Wear more fun jewelry- I got to get back to what I really like!(I'm doing this really well...I've been just buying pieces that are super edited and make me feel good.)

9)Buy more pretty dresses( I got three new dresses from Target earlier in the spring and plan on getting more..)

10)Buy a new robe and new bedroom slippers( yep...I still need both of these)

11)Find a new great new hair color.(haven't done this...I have a phobia of hair color.)

12)Start new collections- I want to start to collect those Quickie Chronicles by Too Faced. I got The Sex Kitten the other week and I LOVE it!. I need more Tyler Candles, Maryam Soap Nook Soaps, MAC pigments, and all Philosophy Graces.( I've gotten new piggies, no new Quickie Chronicles and no new Graces:( )

13)Learn How to: Contour the face,apply false lashes,use liquid eyeliner,use concealer( zip...zilch)

14) Collect more fashion books: I saw this big beautiful Chanel Book and I want Allure book and I got to read Free With Purchase.( yep...I got about five new fashion books so far.)


Neckaches and Self Seduction...

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Today...I woke up this morning on the couch... again to:

Two chattering 2 year olds in their room talking about the cars outside...

A headache and a neck ache

A growling, empty stomach

And two grown a$$ men pitching a baseball in the middle of the street and talking loud.( one is a amateur baseball player for the minor leagues)

And...situations of financial despair on my mind...

I felt like crying. BUT I pressed the boys dressed and fed, myself dressed and fed and had the best cup of home brewed Starbucks coffee:) and imagined my day smooth easy and good. Last night I had been working on my Lookbook so looking at all of the ripped pages and my great book made me happy. I'm good now...til lunch.:)

Last night I decided to pull Self Seduction by Mikki Taylor. I can't understand why she is on that show Charm School with all those hoochies. Maybe she believes her grace will make a difference one of the girls.Or maybe she believes in a check! But by all accounts she's exudes fabulousness. I would love for her give my her pearls of beauty each day. And maybe some of connections in the beauty industry...:)

This weeks Fashion/Beauty Soundtrack is Monifah's Home. It's soooo old, circa 2000, and completely slept on, even then, but I love it so much. My favs are four back to back songs, I Can Tell, Too Late,How You Gonna Love Me, Hard To Say Goodbye.

Okay...I'm hungry again but I'll be back with a Rural Glamour Things to check out at the Drugstore List!


How Yummy Picks!: Free People

One day, in the mail, I started to receive catalogs for Free People. I don't how, I didn't sign up for them but I love to look through them( because you know ain't no size XL and 16-18 in that piece!). But they give great ideas and inspiration for other things. Here's some of my favs from the most recent one I got:

Zzzzz Beauty Rants and Raves...

Monday, May 14, 2007

I'm so tired its ridiculous. I mean I can't sleep in the house I prayed for because I'm scared like a 18 year old girl on a pledge line, trying not forget line names and numbers. So every night since last Saturday( before the one that just passed...) I've slept on my couch in my den and not in my bed. And skin has caught hell for it. Five breakouts. I haven't looked this broke-out since at at least...2003! And my poor eyes... Good thing I rediscovered Tarte Rest Assured, went online to their website, so can properly and correctly use it this time. It's fabulous,cousins, worth every penny.
Included with my breakouts is patchy skin...even on my lips! I hate lip balm...probably the only girl on this planet that does. All of them make my mouth look "greasy" not "glossy". But at CVS I discovered Einstein Lip Therapy Hydrating Lip Cream. It's like moisturizer for the lips. Soaks in good and primes my lips for any gloss or lipstick. And I don't look I just ate a 3-piece dark from Auntie M's Mini Mart.
Good folks at Tarte love me. They really do. Because they sent me hands down my mostest, favoritest, lip gloss in the whole world...right this week.:) Tarte Rise and Shine in Mauve is the shizit!!! That's all I got to say. A girl's is looking real black Angelina Jolie with funkiest, sexiest lavender color I've ever since. Even ole' Fashion Boy said, "Your lips look fatty-fat...delicious...*smack on the lips*...and they don't taste like...lipstick *smack on the lips*...What's that MAT( He meant MAC) *smack on the lips*?" He country ya'll...:)


Bangle Broke...

Sunday, May 13, 2007

When try to do things end up broke. Paying bills on time,saving money, pumping a full tank of gas in your car, eating lunch from home, and still end up broke as a joke. When my a$$ is blowing money like a nut case I gots plenty of money. Can't win for losing!! Which come to my next thing. I'm in love with those Jessica Kagan Cushman Schrimshaw bracelets I see in all of the fashion mags. I'm not a big bracelet girl but love bangles and cuffs the best. Of course I can't buy her original ones but has encouraged a little D.I.Y. knockoff crafting. I'm going try this week. I got some pretty good looking cursive:).
Source and Pictures:

For Gloria...

Saturday, May 12, 2007

My mother grew up in rural Union County SC. So in honor of her this Mother's day, I accompanied her to her home church in the Kelton SC( that's how my youngest twin gets his name) to place flowers on my grandmother( Mother Tine),great-aunt( Aunt Lib), great grandmother(Big Granny) and great-aunt( Aunt Captolia) graves. This is a sign of the Kelton community in which she was raised.
Pea Ridge Highway,Kelton SC. My mother's entire family at one point lived on this road,sharecropping, eventually purchasing land.

This intersection is what she calls"tha fo' faulk"( the four fork). She always tell me the story of standing alone waiting to catch the school bus into Union for school since they close down the rural schools. She always says she stood alone because the other kids had to help with planting and raising crops and animals and were not allowed to go to school. Her mother didn't allow her to sharecrop. She had to go to school.
Thank you Momma for your inspiration...I love you.

How Yummy Picks!: Romeo and Jewels

Thursday, May 10, 2007

I discovered this amazing jewelry store browsing ThisNext and decided to highlight its great pieces! I love the aesthetic of natural jewelry that very easy wearing, pretty but still makes a statement. I'm a colorful chica who can't really wear dainty jewelry. Here's are some favorite wish list items!

Romeo and Jewels also gives a portion of its proceeds to Breast Cancer Research powerhouse, the Susan B. Komen Foundation so its definitely shopping for a great cause. Check it out at !

Multi-tasking Hidden Treasures...

While STILL unpacking last night I uncovered this lost jewel,Victoria's Secret Sexy Cheeks Mosaic Luminous Blush in Mosaic Champagne. In my opinion,I like the old VS makeup line, that Very Sexy line ain't too special:) lol!
Now this my F.O.T.D. with the blush. I used some the individual colors on my eyes and then swiped and swirled the blush all over as a highlighter. Multi-tasking at its best!!


Review:Gloves in a Bottle,Lumene Cleansing Oil and Ellin Lavar Products!!

Whew! What a title for the first post of the day! Here it is:

Lumene Cleansing Oil- I have pretty normal skin with the occasional menstrual breakouts or environment changes so I wasn't afraid of a "cleansing oil" And don't you be afraid either. I use it at night and it takes off makeup( except eye, keep using eye makeup remover) and rinses clean and makes my face feel fresh yet supple. I like having glowy skin going to bed. The only little thing is the fragrance, with alot of Lumene's products, has that White Diamonds perfume-y scent. If they nix that, the product is close to perfect. If you like DHC Cleansing Oil, you'll like this cheaper version.

Gloves in a Bottle- This "shielding lotion" is great for me because I'm a compulsive hand washer/dish washer. I wash dishes all the time and I like Gloves in A Bottle because it simply gives my hands back the moister it lost. I keep it near the sink. I used it one night on my feet and didn't put on any socks and woke up ash-free.

Ellin Lavar ReconstructMasque-Love it too death! Gave my hair these big loopy soft curls the first time I used it.

Ellin Lavar InstantShine Shine Enhancing and Frizz Fighting Mist- Not for my hair. I already have alot of shine naturally from using natural products on my hair, so this is a waste of money for me. Plus I didn't see the difference on wet or dry hair.

Ellin Lavar Anti Frizz Smoothing Gel- Thumbs down:(! I really tried to used this, skipping my beloved Kinky Curly Curling Custard for this product for three days. It gave no definition to the curl and no shine. I don't know who she possibly is marketing this gel too. Maybe someone with 2A,2B,3A,3B curls. But not 4A curly hair. Best thing about all of her products though is they have either no or a very faint fragrance. I think I'll buy and try the shampoo next.


Lucky, Sale and Stuff...again

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Hey Folk!!

Well...I finally got those ebay listing up. Enjoy!!

It's kinda cool down here weather wise.I've been wearing cardigans and hoodies since last Friday. But I'm starting to have what you call White handbag Fever. I want a new one. Now I still have Yellow handbag Fever but White is worse because in the price range I'm willing to spend they all look tacky and the best ones are the pricey ones that I know I won't carry for a week. I'm taking a trip to Marshalls tommorrow to see what's up. I also want to go and check out the Patrick Robinson for Target @ Target.

I got my new Lucky yesterday and they are having Lucky Shopping Awards. I'll sit down and fill it out, even though I know my cheap choices won't win lol! I also was reading the editor's letter( I always read the editor's letter in all my mags) and Kim France was saying that she peruses shopping blogs all day and admires the ones ran by an"one woman machine". I bet she does "peruse" blog...getting ideas! There's not a Lucky edition that I haven't read in the last year that mentions a item of clothing or makeup that I had already been hip to via MUA or blog. But I understand paper publishing is bit slow. Now they got blog over Lucky now...interesting. And when is my girl editor Anne Kwan Keane coming back?...she had the best picks.

Got some reviews coming up on...

Lumene Cleansing Oil

All the Ellin Lavar stuff from last week's CVS haulage.



Sweet Sundays...

Monday, May 07, 2007

Yesterday was a good day. I was more happier than I've been.I think because we are all moved in and no more back and forth. I'm STILL unpacking though. I HAD way too much stuff.I've either thrown half of it away and gave it away. Still want to have a yard sale though! This is pic of the vintage Aigner clutch that I carried yesterday. I've decided on Sundays,I'll switch my bag to something smaller, like clutch bag. I call it Clutch Sundays!( wink-wink Deanna!:))
My Sunday F.O.T.D:

Tarte Bronzer
MAC piggie in Coco
BE Bare Escentuals e/s in Masquarade
Stila l/g in Watermelon
Maybelline Define A Lash Mascara in Black

I have some cool Ebay stuff coming up to list but the seller's listing stuff not working.:) I'll post it later!

Have a great day!


Sale! Sale!

Friday, May 04, 2007

Bargain Fashion Finds and stuff...

Thursday, May 03, 2007

I was in the 'burg today and hopped by the Salvation Army and found these Colin Stuart Bronze Strappy Stilettos for 6.99. I think they could have been less but the store looked like they had done a major overhaul. It was all clean and neat and stuff.
Also got this mark. by avon bag from a couple seasons back. I mean a couple. I remember this bag the first time I even got a magalog in 2003. It's brand new and there were two . Seriously thinking about Ebaying one of them.

I'm not hearing good things about Tim Gunn's new book Tim Gunn: A Guide To Quality Taste and Style. Anybody got, seen it , flipped through it? Let know you think of it, before I buy it.:)


Haulage and stuff...

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Today I finally got a rest from unpacking and other ridiculous things and got back beauty. I went to CVS to pack up some the goodies of the Ellin Lavar Textures line.I got:

Ellin Lavar textures Reconstruct Masque

Ellin Lavar Instant Shine Enhancing and Frizz-Fighting Mist

Ellin Lavar Liquid Glass Anti-Frizz Smoothing Styling Gel

I also picked up some Golden Oreos and InStyle Weddings Magazine. Yeah I read wedding magazines but ONLY InStyle Weddings and Martha Stewart Weddings. I'm going stop not believing that I won't ever get married. I have embedded this in my brain since I was little girl. So the magazine are like therapy! I read them, look at the dresses and rings and such I start to believe.

Speaking of believing, the Fashion/Beauty Soundtrack of Week in Carmen Rodgers Free. Miss Kim put me on it and I'm completely sick over it! Especially the Just Believe track. It's actually been the Unpacking Soundtrack of the Week! Check it out and buy five copies.:)

Because my makeup is still really scattered beyond the boxes and I have to come up with a reorganization plan for all of it, I've been on the same lipgloss for the last two days. Milani Glossy Tubes in Dreamy Glow is the perfect soft pink for my lips. It reminds me of the Stila Watermelon l/g that I once owned and loved and will probably never buy again because it's $20. I didn't think it had enough product in it for twenty bones. I think I'll check out the other colors tomorrow.

Clutch Magazine has a new May edition on line now including a interview with our fairy glammomma Tia Williams. She's got a myspace page for her book It Chicks and I'm one the top friends!( for now probably...) I feel so special!

Okay...I'm done!!! See ya later!