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My Problem with my local Ulta store.....

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Hey Everyone.....

I had ANOTHER ridiculous experience at Ulta today that prompted ANOTHER email to their corporate office.

Here's what I wrote.....

I believe this may be my 3rd email complaining about the Spartanburg SC store. The first and second complaints have been ignored.

I went in today, made a purchase and attempted to use a birthday coupon for the free mascara. Of course, in classic style of that store, you were out of the mascara. That store is ALWAYS out of product. I can't tell you how many times I've went in for something, it's out of stock, some clueless SA stays it will be in next week, next week comes and its still not in. It's hilarious at this point. I wasn't offered any other gift, other than come back on Monday to see if some will arrive. When I expressed to displeasure with "****", she dismissed as not being her problem but Ulta's problem, in so many words. She's really a sweet lady in the times I've dealt with her, but very uneducated on products in the store.

I  have had to email Ulta twice for that birthday gift coupon, I finally receive it and I can't use it. At this point, I see no use in patronizing that Spartanburg store. I've had countless problems, from not being spoken to, to being ignored, to out of stock product, clueless SAs....the list goes on. I was in there about to two weeks ago and a lady came up to me and said "Do you shop here often because I feel uncomfortable, someone just call for security when I walked up to a SA to ask a question?" I didn't know what to say to her. I told her I did shop here because there is no Sephora near and I didn't have a choice. She said to me "Why still shop here?" Now that I look back at it, she was absolutely right. I can't continue to give that store or Ulta the valued coins I make. I mainly go in to check out the prestige items but I shop the drugstore side more often than not. I've been beauty blogging for 8 years and scoping out new products first hand is part of the business. I hope that Ulta Spartanburg gets it together. Its shame it is so shabby being it has a great location and offers products not found in a 30 mile radius. As for me, I'm done. I won't be visiting again.

And the truth is....I can't do Ulta anymore. One of the main reasons is that my local store sucks but also if you are not spending enough in there, you don't reap the rewards of the Ulta Rewards system. Buying alot or buying prestige items is how you receive the coupons, discounts, and etc. What if I was in there really shopping up the prestige side and being treated like this? I would be HELL HOT. But I probably would not find what I was looking for anyway, they stay out of stock of EVERYTHING.

***UPDATE 10/3/2014***

After a week's wait, I finally received an email from Ulta apologizing for the incident and offering 200 loyalty points to my account. I still think that its a shabby way to handle such a situation, but what you do expect? You can't even use 200 points until you get to 250 points. SMH!!

What do ya'll think??

Fall 2014 Fashion Wishlist!

Disclosure: I was compensated for this post. All opinions are my own.

Welcome Autumn Equinox, also known as fall!! I just love fall for so many reasons: warm drinks, leaves falling, pumpkin flavored everything and of course new clothes! I love layering and boots and you can’t do either down south in the summer so, fall is right up my alley.
I thought I would put together a wish list of fall fashion that I’m wanting right now:

Shoeties, booties and ankle boots - I’m trying to work more on my shoe collection. I learned from last year’s fall and winter season that I like my feet warm, comfortable and stylish. Oddly enough, I’ve never been a shoe girl. I’m missing that intricate part of my DNA. However, I’m stepping it up. I love shoe booties, or shoeties, and ankle boots for this season.

Jeans - Of course jeans are on the wishlist!!! They are a perfect way to freshen up your wardrobe. There are so many styles that are in for the fall like trouser jeans and wide leg jeans.  I’m personally looking for a pair of slimming jeans that can be dressed up or down. 

Puffy vest - A couple years back, I had a grey puffy vest that I loved to layer with. It was a cozy piece for the days I just didn’t want to wear a coat. But alas, it got too small in the chest area. Now, I’m on the hunt for another one! The puffy vest may come off as casual, but I’ve seen it be so versatile.  Pinterest is a great place to see how to work a puffy vest into your wardrobe.

Black blazer - I know I’m reminiscing something serious today, but I once had a wool black blazer that was EVERYTHING. I wore that coat to work, church, and casually with friends. The cut was perfect around my waist and the sleeves were not too long.  I wore it as my winter coat for like two years. Of course like most of my clothes, it got too small.  I must, MUST find a new black blazer for this season!

What’s on your fall fashion wishlist? Let me know in the comments!