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Monday, December 17, 2012

Winter is almost officially here and so is its weather. Wind, rain, ice and snow, these elements can take a toll on any type of hair. My regimen for my hair is very much the same all year around however I change the products here and there for different reasons. Sometimes I need more moisture. Other times I need a heavier or a lighter styling product. Whatever you may need, it requires a shopping trip!! Lol!

Here are great products that I’ve used or want to try that have sustained the harshest of Carolina winters.:)

I co-wash or Condition Wash my hair each week. It helps my naturally dry, porous kinks retain moisture. Fekkai EssentialShea Conditioner has one of my favorite ingredients: Shea Butter. Shea Butter works wonders with smoothing the hair cuticle and making the hair soft and moisturized.

I just figured out that if I deep condition before I co-wash, the combination is creates uber shiny, soft moisturized hair. I had a sample of Fekkai Ultra Rich Mask and it is and was unforgettable. If you expose your hair to the elements, a deep condition session is essential to keeping your locks healthy. I corner off about 30 minutes before I co-wash and apply the deep conditioner, put on a plastic cap and let my natural body heat warm my hair and mask. Then, I wash it out and my hair thanks me!! The Fekkai Ultra Rich Mask is on my wishlist to pick up really soon.

My daily regimen includes a water based moisturizer with butters and essential oils. During the colder seasons, I switch the product up but not this combo. I’m currently eyeing Fekkai Essential Shea Pot de Crème. The reviews from  women with my hair type are the rave!

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