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Tuesday's Fashion/Beauty Observations...

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I'd supposed to have this up Monday...but I don't no focus sometimes.Especially after having a surprise migraine that after taking two Hydrocodine pills, one Ativan, and two maybe three( I can't remember) glasses of Pinot AND I smoked a clove cigarette didn't solve. Ewwww...things were got blurry from there. I actually hoped I wouldn't wake up...but I did. God has purpose for me. Now that I've shown my ass (lol!) here are my Tuesday Beauty and Fashion Observations!:

-My soror/homie/cousin T.Hall were talking about the use of fashion words and how people( well, we were talking about certain "folks") abuse them. Like the word "couture". We referenced one of our favorite shows, Charm School, and how Schatar pimped Darra into thinking that her stuff was "couture" and would get more money for charity. All because you got somebody to make you a dress or you got a dress altered doesn't mean its " haute couture".Other words abused on our list, "vintage","shabby chic","designer"(Shay on Charm School was like, "I got designer clothes" and held up a Bebe shirt. What other fashion words do people abuse?

-Johnson and Johnson's Melt Away Stress Trio of Body Wash,Body Lotion, and Massage Oil is absolutely fantastic. But I'm tired of it already because I used it every night for a week. I does everything it promises to do too.

-Why does MAC online have free shipping codes when I don't have no money. It's not their fault though, I never has no money!

-Ah...that wonderful VS Semi-Annual Sale is approaching and is already online. This when I really wish I was back in Charlotte so I can hit Carolina Place,Southpark(flagship),Galleria, and Eastland Malls VS' for a major haulage on Beauty stuff. I might can get some panties and Pink stuff,too. I tried on a Pink hoodie in Large and it fit. That sh*t is so cute...

-Is Beyonce that only minority sista People Style Watch going to put on their cover? I heart the magazine to death but come on...

-L'oreal has a nude lippie collection coming out called "Nude Match". I'm excited because now I might find a nude lippie at a low price that I like.

-Fashion Boy told me other day that he will accompany me to see the Bitten by Sarah Jessica Parker @ Steve and Barry's in G-ville. But only because he knows where the store is and I don't. Yeah right.