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Review:BB Complexion Moisterizers...

Friday, February 23, 2007

I received samples of the Blended Beauty's BB Complexion Moisturizers( Day Cream, Night Cream and Day Lotion) in the mail about two weeks ago. I think got a new moisturizer!!! Here's the scoop:

BB Complexion Day Cream- a thick luxurious cream that is infused with Tea, Honey and Patchouli( I loved that warmth of scent each time I put it on). I was pleased that it didn't leave my skin greasy all day and soaked in well and there was not a dry spot in sight.
BB Complexion Day Lotion- the only difference for this and the Day Cream, the texture. If you want lighter but all the benefits of an all natural moisturizer, get this.
BB Complexion Night Cream- goes on thick smooth creamy with same scent as the Day Cream and the Day Lotion. I had to go and look at the ingredient list to see the difference because my skin and I saw the the Day Cream and the Night Cream were very similar. The night cream has a "vegetable glycerin"(A sugar derived from soybean and corn oil, glycerin humectant provides superior moisturization) and a different infusion of the tea extract.It is a little bit heavier in texture. I would suggest for normal skin( I'm not a dermatologist, so its a suggestion/opinion) the Day Lotion and Night Cream or just the Day Cream for all around facial use.

visit the website, they have hair goodies too @


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Love it!!!

Oh My!! The fab Miss Jenn look spring time perfect in this emsemble'. She was at a luncheon for her put down but MAC.( I would've been standing around for my gift bag with MAC products in it:) The article in Vogue that Tio Andre wrote is very delicious. Go grab about three copies!
Mi Tio Andre is looking very "urban" in that "stocking cap". Look! They have that damn Barbie that I'm going get me.:)
photo: the grand diva of black folk gossip,