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Style Friday!!! $5 Statement Jewelry at Walmart and Jewelry Haul....

Friday, November 14, 2014

Hey Everyone!!!

I'm doing a new segment on Friday called Style Friday and today I ran in Walmart and ran into $5 statement earrings!! Walmart is trying to catch up with Target! I've seen similar styles of those earrings in department and speciality stores running $10 and up and UP. I wanted to "clean house"( and I will.:)) but I'll be back! There were so many styles, I took photos so I can go back and choose. Trust me, these are going to nowhere at my particular Walmart. #ruralAmericaproblems

I was also looking for a necklace to complete an outfit ( it's the necklace on the black top below) and also picked up some $1 jewelry at a local boutique.

Have a great weekend!!!!