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Monday, April 17, 2006

Life.Is there really a time when you think your life is really going well?Well,If you got anxiety and previous depression problems like me it seems that it never will regardless of that which is good is going on. My anxiety is somewhat ridiculous but not an everyday occurance. And I'm always on the contast battle to fight getting depressed again. somedays I feel that dark cloud of overwhelming sadness come over me. When I do I reach for list of things to conquer so I can see the sun again. I literally have list from change toenail polish to go get aMCD's Yogurt Parfait to pop in a Madea play DVD.I'm one of these woman,unfortunately that doesn't want people to know i'm down or things are going on so tend hide it behind clothes and smile. But it doesn't work any more. I know God thinks I lot of me becauseI'm constantly walking through some storm. So if you see me in a full face of makeup, with a over the top outfit and high pitched voice, I ain't okay. Help me.:)