~Review~ Custom Fit Artificial Nails from Custom Nails Solutions

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Disclosure: This product was sent to me for consideration for review. I was not paid to write this post and all opinions are honest and mine.

Hey Everyone!!

I have a lonnnngggg over due review for you today! You all know, I love nail polish and for a long times, years ago, I wore acrylic nails. I had several sets but I will admit, most of them never seem to fit my nails beds. I would have to endure all the sawing, filing and drilling to make my curved nails look decent. Needless to say, I've been kicked the acrylic nail crack!

So when I was approached to do a custom set of nails by Custom Nail Solutions, I was down! No acrylics and with a very natural look.

I was first sent the Impression System to do a "mold" of my natural nails. It reminded me of getting a mold of my teeth for braces. lol!

I sent the molds off in a pre-paid box and around two weeks later, received my kit and custom nails.

 Here's what came in the kit:

1 Set of Custom Nails
1 Bottle Soak Off
1 Soaking Dish
1 Nail Dehydrator
1 Adhesive Debonder
1 Nail Protector
1 Nail Cleanser
1 Nail Brush
4 Pink Cuticle Sticks
1 Nail Stand with 10 Plastic Dowels
1 Application Instruction Sheet
Pink Maintenance Kit Bag

 I ordered the 6MM Squaoval Classic. There are many options for shape and color of the nails.

 The application process.....
 Finished process....


One of the reasons it took me a while to get my thoughts together was I was torn on how I felt about the nails. I wore this set four times since receiving it in July to give it couple of chances.

1) I love the quality of the nails. They are not ordinary press ons. They are sturdy and haven't broken or split at all.

2) I thought the process of applying them and making the molds was overwhelming for a at home process. This is more of a professional application. I did them by myself and it was nerve wracking hoping I would apply them correct. I also think that if they were professionally applied, they would have stayed on longer. The directions actually call for someone to help you with the application. Watch this video to see the process of application.

3) The service, shipping and packaging was great. Everything you receive is explained to a T, step by step.

4) I was underwhelmed with the wear. Each time I applied them, I wore them all without missing a nail for about 2 days. I wash dishes by hand, wash hands alot and I just don't think that these nails or the glue or maybe the way I applied them can hold up to my lifestyle. I do so much with my hands that my poor set just was taking a banging.

I think Custom Nail Solutions is a great product and excellent concept for those who are kicking the acrylic/gel nail habit. The company and the product are top notch. They just didn't work for the active lifestyle of emotions I put my hands through! lol!

Visit Custom Nails Solution HERE and check out their Holiday Special!!!