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A Better Monday

Monday, May 15, 2006

I'm so glad Monday's are not what they used to be to me.At one time,when I worked for a high volume call center,thinking about Monday made my stomach hurt and on monday morning when I would pull up to the business park the company building was in my stomach would do flips.Mondays there were horrible.Also at one time Mondays were just another day.That's when I was a stay at home mom because I had two little preemies and really couldn't have a job with all the doctor's visits,etc. And when they got bigger I couldn't find a job under a rock! But now Monday's feel good.By the grace of God my boys are healthy and I'm blessed with a career that I don't mind getting up in the morning and going to.Finally!

Speaking of little boys,my mother's day was really good. I thanked my children for another holiday I get gifts on:) lol! But received two outfits,$65,red tulips,a pair of brown espadrille wedges, a cute t-shirt that says"Will work for shoes" from my favorite Almost Pink Boutique, a silver necklace with a pave diamond ball, and dozens of cards and well wishes which was favorite part. Mother's Day is literally better than my birthday which I don't handle well.

I have jury duty today for the first time in my life.I don't even know how I got it when I'm not registered to vote in this county( I still registered in York County). But my all knowing dad told me when you are a resident of South Carolina you can be pulled to be on a jury anywhere in the state.Word.I but I do know from others who have had it that it's long wait and I better bring something to do. So I'm packing:

My mp3 player(I'm going to load my new Amel Larrieux on today)
the sales papers from sunday's paper
Playing My Mother's Blues by Valerie Wesley Wilson
June 06 Lucky Magazine
June 06 Essence Magazine and Vibe Vixen
GRE Verbal Wookbook

Alot of junk I know but my plan is to try to avoid talking to anyone because hometown folks will talk your head off down here. Just random people in stores ,doctor's offices, Wal-Mart. Sometime you just want to not talk to anyone.

Well off to get everyone ready.

Happy Monday