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Beauty Foolishness at Airport Security..

Monday, August 28, 2006

Hey Y'all!!

Sorry for being missing. I had a tough week last week that just knocked me out of commission.ButI'm back and I'll probably have two posts a day because I got so much to talk about. Plus my favorites lists with all my blogs on my computer hasn't updated since last TUESDAY! So I have sneak around at work to read the everyone's posts. But to the news...

I know everyone has heard about all of the diverted flights with people acting mad foolish that the Air Marshalls get real crunk. Well this morning I heard on the radio about a woman on who was arrested and charged with disordely conduct and making terrorist threats because she would not give up her nail polish at the security check in at Charlotte Douglass Airport. Here's the link But I wonder if was Chanel Black Satin or Chanel Vamp. Only a sold out item can get you arrested like that!!!



Anonymous said...

Goodness gracious!! Didn't homegirl watch the news? I don't think I would let my beauty addiction get me arrested - it aint that serious...LOL You just gotta figure out ways around all that mess!