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Black'd Out

Monday, August 21, 2006

Chanel Nail Lacquer in Black Satin

Sold Out...and out of my reach...except for on Ebay.

Even though I have Rimmel's Nail Polish in Black Satin, the overwhelming insanity of everyone having the hot and now product took over me. I scoured Ebay til I found a reputable seller who had it.In three days, my obsessive bidding went from 10.50 to 29.90...and won that damn polish. So maybe the drugstore queen really did splurge for real this time, but it was worth the text messages via Ebay and constant clocking of the auction.I simply blacked out and went for not gold but satin.:)

( not my winning auction but this one was at 30.51 at posting time)


Kym said...

LOL, I am watching at least 6(Ok, maybe more) bottles of these on ebay. Can you believe that someone paid $45 for one bottle of polish!!!

rebelleBAP on 4:28 PM said...

I actually have a 25.00 limit but I had lost a Laura Mercier palette last week and I wasn't going to lose this one! People are crazy on ebay!!

Kym said...

HMM a $25 limit? Is this on all things on ebay? I may have to adopt that.

rebelleBAP on 6:31 PM said...!LOL It was just on that nail polish.