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Rave! mark.Babylash mini brush mascara

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Like alot of my fellow beauty junkies,I'm obssessed with perfect mascara.Unlike everyone else I've given up the fight. I've long curly lashes that are mixed with staright renegade ones. I've found a little solution, mark. Babylash mini brush mascara in black. I put on my regular mascara,I 've got about five depends on their mood after morning coffee:) and then I light layer the Babylash on. It gives a light extention to my lashes without being clumpy. I give it a "buy it girrl"




Anonymous said...

Hey can I email you? I have a question to ask ya!

Elle* on 4:43 PM said...

That seems very interesting! I used to be big fan of the mark. Line and my interest waned...I'll look into this though!

rebelleBAP on 10:25 PM said...

yes! my address is

rebelleBAP on 10:26 PM said...

try to get arep to send you a mark magalog because the website doesn't update quick.