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Thursday, September 14, 2006

It's done and over, I got my hair cut clear off! Well not all of it,I have about 1/4 inch all around left. I feel...lifted. Hair is so personal sometimes. Whenever I watch those makeover shows and the women are in tears because their locks are being chopped and they are attached to their hair,I can relate. I was attached for a long time,especially before I had kids because thought that's what men liked. Then I was attached because I thought that's what the kids' father liked. THEN it was what I like but didn't like at the same time.So I decided to waste no time cutting. Now I'vegot to find the right products for my kind of natural. The top of my hair has a pretty curl pattern but my back is coarse. I've had my hair this short before, back in 1997,2000,2001,and 2002. But don't remembered what I used...but I do remember buying alot of stuff by trial and failure.Well, I just fell upon a website called which seems to have some great info on maintaining the fro. Well,I keep every one posted and I hope to get a picture up soon. I can't find my SD card for my camera.:(



Anonymous said...

Congrats on your BC (big chop). I did it in April,its the best thing in the world. I also visit for ideas, suggestions and support. Welcome to the world of natural sistahs LOL!

rebelleBAP on 12:09 PM said...

I love it.and thank you for website suggestions,I'm going right to it!


Elle* on 6:50 PM said...

Congrats on your liberation! And I LOVE you are looking for a good product line from there, try Qhemet Biologics! The Amla and Olive Heavy Cream will have you in tears it so GOOD! ( is on hiatus now til October because their stuff got so popular they have to go regroup, and they are releasing new prods too!) It's all natural, and (SHH! use this code iVillage to get 20% off!) Hope it still works!!

Love ur site BTW, i visit all the time! :)

rebelleBAP on 10:55 PM said...

Thanks elle!
I left you message on your site.