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In Great Taste...

Monday, September 18, 2006

Friday night I was on a hunt for dinner. There are very few options here in hometown. So I ended up going to the grocery store. While in the checkout line, I grabed the October 2006 Cosmopolitian. Now, I know that Cosmo isn't most classy mag but you have to admit that their beauty,fashion editorials and lifestyle pages are on the money. In it there was a coupon for a free mini gloss from the new VS Sexy makeup collection scheduled to premiere September 19. Also a book review on In Great Taste:Fresh Simple Recipes For Eating and Living Well by Evelyn Lauder. It's a cookbook with recipes that"can contribute to the radiance of your complexion". This definetly a buy NOW. I've already called B&N and they are holding it for me. If you need to pass the time with a fun read, Cosmo's it. It definetly kept my mind off my children in Charlotte with their dad this weekend.



Miss Kim on 10:01 PM said...

Coosmo is a guilty pleasure. I think I need that book too. Will you do a mini review of it? Thanks in advance :)

rebelleBAP on 9:18 AM said...