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25 things about me:The Friday Afternoon Edition!

Friday, October 27, 2006

I found this great blog called Hip Candy.She had a post called 50 things about me. Now I did 25 things about me before,here's 25 more:

26)I must have Starbucks every time I go to Spartanburg.The new one on Pine Street has the best customer service on the planet and they are super fast.

27)I have a pimped out MySpace page.In three days,I've become a MySpace addict.

28)I rather not have a boyfriend now, not even as a friend.As Destiny's Child said" I'm Through With Love"

29) I have 15 Luther Vandross Songs on my Zen Nano.Rare ones like Promise Me,Forever,For Always, For Love, Glow of Love.The ones they never put on compilation CDs.

3o) This time when I went natural it was more emotional than trendy. I needed to cut away the past and be me. I wake every morning to the best hair of my life.

31) I can wear up to three bronzers at a time on my face and pull it off as natural.

32) I'm glad my eyebrows are back!!

33)I'm horrible at following a dress code at work. Today I was told no more t-shirts with writing(I wear a lot of vintage Ts).I hate compromising my image.

34)I'm addicted Loreal HIP!!I want every lip gloss and eyeshadow they have.

35) I get over 12 magazines in the mail(Lucky,Domino,Food Everyday,Food and Wine,Gourmet, Bon Appetit,Bazaar, Allure, Life and Style,Jane, and Elle, Everyday with Rachael Ray)

36) My mom gets one:Paula Deen Everyday.

37) I'm thinking of starting a foodie blog.

38) I hate holiday additions of fashion and beauty magazines.It just reminds that I have no Christmas social life.

39) I will never go out of town with more than three of my girlfriends. Over three people causes mega chaos.

40) I try not to do things I can't afford anymore like driving back and forth to visit people, be in weddings, by gifts off of gift registries.Yeah, and you wonder if I still have friends, I do.

41) I love bride shows like Who's Wedding Is It Anyway, Bridezillas, and Platinum Weddings.I plan never having a wedding though.

42) My makeup addiction is serious.

42)My celebrity gossip addiction is even more serious.

43)I buy one wedding magazine-InStyle Weddings.

44) I eat a salad for lunch everyday. It keeps me from being sluggish in the afternoon.

45) I think French and Thousand Island Dressing is "Country" Sometimes,Ranch is "country" to me.

46)I don't drink soda. I don't like that fizzy feeling in my mouth.

47) I replace my toothbrush way too often, like every two weeks.

48) I'm obsessed with fresh breath.I have all kinds toothpastes,mouthwashes,Altoids, gum, tounge scrapers...

49)I just figured out how to lengthen your lashes by wiggling the brush up the lash as you apply. I'm sooo late on that!

50)I've set a record.I've been carrying the same handbag for the last two weeks.What is the world coming to?


Chanel on 11:00 PM said...

Love, love, love to learn about people this way! These were great!

Wish I could say #46 was true for me... BLASTED DIET COKE!!!

rebelleBAP on 2:18 PM said...

I think that stuff is addictive i have a girlfriend that keeps cans of Diet Coke in the trunk of car and the mini ones in her handbag just in case we go to a resturant that doesn't serve it!.

Anonymous said... i have two things to reply too.. lol. she carries diet soda in her purse... and people get mad if you carry hot sauce! LOL

i have a serious makeup addiction also =( and another mascara tip: for the best lashes ever use two of your favorite (mine- diorshow by dior and CG's new VolumeExact) yes I want the lashes without the glue and I think I achieved that with these!

rebelleBAP on 1:01 PM said...

I've been craving that diorshow.:)