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J's Fall Reading List

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I already have too much reading to do for work. People really don't think because you work at a library you don't read for enjoyment. That's what most of the people I work with do. I just finished reading The Last King of Scotland, preparing myself for the movie that's coming out soon. I'm reading my 2nd Greg Beherendt book and I'm going to donate,He's Just Not That Into You, to work because some woman's going to need to read it. I have a new list of personal things I want to read:

The Beautiful Fall:Lagerfeld,Saint Laurent, and The Glorious Excess of 1970s Paris by Alicia Drake -I saw this reviewed on Blogdorf Goodman and it been on my list read for awhile. I read A.L.T by Andre Leon Talley and his seventies adventures and I love it.

Chore Whore by Heather Howard -I was watching the Style Network last night and saw this author talking about her book and what inspired her to write it.

Confessions of A Beauty Editor by Linda Wells -I flipped through this on Saturday in B&N and was going to get it at 24.95 but decided that Amazon would probably be cheaper plus I love Allure mag!

Express Lane Meals by Rachael Ray -We got this at work and I've already checked it out.:)

Free With Purchase by Jean Godfrey-June -I know,I'm late on this one, but I going to get around to reading it.

Modern Girl's Guide to Motherhood by Jane Buckingham-I always need some help with dealing with being a mom and being a fabulous,chic mom.

What's on your list to read?



Miss Kim on 2:17 PM said...

Here's my mini fall reading list:

Allure: Confessions of a Beauty Editor

Glamour's Big Book of Dos and Don'ts: Fashion Help for Every Woman

The Grown-Up Girl's Guide to Style: A Maintenance Bible for Fashion, Beauty, and More

Elle* on 8:24 PM said...

"Fabulosity" by Kimora Lee Simmons

Anything Jane Austen

"A.L.T" by Andre Leon Talley

"Flesh and the Devil" Kola Boof

"Brown Sugar" Donald Bogle