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Super Rave cont'-mark.Bohista

Monday, October 09, 2006

Lippie of the Day:
WnW l/l in 666
Loreal HIP l/g in Sweet
Loreal Colour Juice l/g in Strength

I miss Annie's Rock The Gloss!

I have very short super rave on my other half of my mark.Bohista haul that I received on Friday. Kohl Play Eye Smudger Stick is amazing.I got it both colors,Cinder(black) and Henna( light brown).They both come in a lipstick tube like packaging They are very soft in texture so they glide on like butter. I'm not the biggest eyeliner fan, but these must be bought by all beauty addicts! I like also how the black is really black not ashy black and brown is a brown-red brown. Beautiful!

I also got the Bohista Worldly Glow All Over Face Color.I thought at first when I saw the picture of it that it would probably be to light.But it is not.It's like a burnt bronze with not shimmer that looks divine.It's very loose so you have to very careful not the spill it all over your ultrasuede goosedown comforter(like it did)!