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Beauty Find of the Day!!!

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Now, I know this is not a beauty product per se, but I love candles. But after I moved back to my mom's house I stopped burning them because I love them all over the house and my mom, well anybody who lives with parents knows, what you did in your house you most likely can't do in their house!! But after discovery very cute shop called Divas on Main in the SPBG, I have went back to my old ways in a good way. Tyler Candles in Ira Jean and Pristine are simply fantastic. First, the scent immediately starts to fill the air after no less than a minute. Second, the scents I choose, Ira Jean and Pristine make the air around you so pretty and soft that you feel like sitting at a vanity and applying body powder with a puff!!That's very girly indeed! I plan on getting more soon, I love love love them!!!