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Flirting in the Grass...

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Today I went to Kohls to pick up a regular size of Grassroots While You Were Sleeping Overnight moisturizer. I was impressed by the trial size that I purchased about a month ago.Kohls had a 15% off all cosmetics plus every purchase over $25 gets a free tote. So you know I got caught up plus I had the "Def Squad"(my kids) with me. Here's what I picked up( quickly):

Grassroots While You Were Sleeping Overnight Moisturizer

Flirt! Pretty Easy Quick Cover in Golden Goddess Warm

Grassroots The Great Escape Totally Relaxing Bath Salts

Flirt! Big Deal Lip&Cheek Tint in Tini Bikini

Flirt! Dreamy Eyes Eyeshadows in Golden Lady and Glamourazzi

I WILL give reviews...if I keep all of it.:)