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Super Rave!!: Loreal HIP Flawless Liquid Makeup

Friday, November 03, 2006

I finally used my Loreal HIP Flawlesss Liquid Makeup in the past couple of days. The reason why I hadn't gotten around to using it was because I'm so love with my Queen Collection Foundation. As you can see I am not a foundation snob. I left that back on steps of 764-201 when my mom came and packed me up to moved me back home. I knew that $25 plus foundations were going to cease. Around that move,I was digging the last particles out of my Becca Foundation stick. After trial and error, I devised a plan on how to pick a drugstore foundation. But I get to that later.

Loreal HIP Flawless Liquid Makeup in Cappucino-I admit being a little skeptical about this foundation. I didn't know if I wanted to try a "high intensity pigment" foundation. But after I"Grand Hustled" a free one, I thought that I wasn't losing any money. The range of colors come in either yellow undertones and red undertones. I pass that first test because I knew which one I had all ready. I started at the darkest color and put three swatches on my jawbone.Cappucino blended the best in the store. At home I put it all over and surprisingly it works great. It soaked right in and gives a medium coverage, enough to give eveness but doesn't look like a mask. I do like alot!!

Because every foundation I do own now is drugstore I feel the need to share some of my buying a foundation from a drugstore tips:

1) NEVER buy a foundation that is packaged in plastic. My reason:If I can test it right there then I'm not going to buy it that take home and then it doesn't work.

2)Bring a hand held mirror. Not a compact mirror but I small mirror with a handle that will show your whole face in it.

3)Test belong the jaw line. Something I learned from makeup counters and magazines. It does give you the best idea for which shade works.

4) If it is day time, go outside and look it the foundation on your face to see if it is natural looking

5)If it doesn't work...take it back!

My Fav's from the drugstore foudation:
CG Queen Collection
Loreal True Match
Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse
Maybelline Even Fresh
Maybelline Pure Makeup
Loreal HIP Flawless Liquid Makeup



Anonymous said...

How do you determine your undertone (red vs. yellow)?

rebelleBAP on 11:40 PM said...

Hi anon!

I found this link( that might help you in finding which one you have. I look better in golds and bronzes so I always pick foundations with a golden-yellow undertone. Hope this helps!

Lexelle said...

Hi RebelleBap,

I found your blog this weekend and absolutely love it. I realy like that you discuss high and low end products, especially as a grad student. In an older post, you mentioned Milani lipglosses. Do you still use and like these lipglosses? Which colors would you recommend for a medium/deep brown complexion (similar to Kerry Washington, I think)? Also how do you avoid your lips looking to greasy with application?

Thanks a bunch,

P.S. I was the anon poster above.

Toya on 10:13 AM said...

I picked up some CG Queen foundation this past weekend and will be trying it out this week. As a true make-up fanatic, I know that good products are found everywhere - in the drugstores *and* the department stores.

My favorite drug store foundation so far is L'Oreal True Match - hands down!

rebelleBAP on 11:18 AM said...


I love Milani Glosses and luvv me some ms. kerry! She has such a beautiful cafe au lait complexion. Often when I see pictures of her she is wearing a very sheer nude tones or pretty rosy pinks. she can also pull off a bad red lipstick!! My favorite glosses from Milani that think would look good on you would be Glossy Tubes in Golden Splash and Shimmering Glow. Also try their Crystal Gloss in Breathless and Secret.:)

Ms. Toya,
I agree! and I'm still working on that True Match.I think I'm going to go up a shade.


Lexelle said...

Thanks for the recommendations. Which gloss colors would you recommend for someone about Angela Bassett's complexion? Could those light colors work for them as well?


rebelleBAP on 2:38 PM said...

Maybe for the a Angela Bassett complexion, Glossy Tubes in Hot Kiss and Cherry Pop and Charmer in Milani Glitzy Gloss.