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2007's Fashion and Beauty Resolutions!

Sunday, December 31, 2006

Here they are....
RebelleBAP aka City-itis aka Jamie's 2007 Fashion and Beauty Resolutions
1)Step up the work attire fashion game-I've been there a year(December 30) and have moved up the ladder a bit. But this year I want show the Board of Trustees and the Library Director my dedication. Work harder and Dress better!!

2)Continue to maintain healthy hair.- I plan on taking a more organic and natural route in the products that I use on my hair. I want it to be at it's peak strongest.

3)Step up the Shoe game for the winter-Normally in summer, I'm way more adventurous with wedges,strappy sandals, cute flip flops. But this season I've been living in flat city. Time to come up on the come up!

4)Indulge in more regular manicures

5)Buy new pillows and new satin pillowcases

6)Seek out and use more natural and organic products(Bath and Body,Skincare,Hair, maybe even makeup) Glam is getting Green,ya'll!

7)Find the perfect: shimmery peach l/g,nude l/g,brow pencil or powder,Blackest black mascara.

8) Wear more fun jewelry- I got to get back to what I really like!

9)Buy more pretty dresses

10)Buy a new robe and new bedroom slippers

11)Find a new great new hair color.

12)Start new collections- I want to start to collect those Quickie Chronicles by Too Faced. I got The Sex Kitten the other week and I LOVE it!. I need more Tyler Candles, Maryam Soap Nook Soaps, MAC pigments, and all Philosophy Graces.

13)Learn How to: Contour the face,apply false lashes,use liquid eyeliner,use concealer

14) Collect more fashion books: I saw this big beautiful Chanel Book and I want Allure book and I got to read Free With Purchase.

Happy New Year Ya'll!!I'll admit that I'm not looking forward to it at all. If 2007 is going to be like the last six years of my life,I mighest well blow my brains out. But I'm too smart for suicide.I think too much to carry it out. So...I'll live day by day and I hopefully and prayfully I lose no one AGAIN,I get out of the barnyard called Union and get a social life.:)



Miss Kim ;~) on 11:47 AM said...

Cool resolutions. These are much more fun than the standard resolutions we always make and then never keep, lol.