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Back in Biz-ness...

Thursday, December 21, 2006

I'm back. and I'm tired:(

This has been the longest week of my life handling the arrangements for my Daddy's funeral. Today was the funeral and it took everything I had left in me. But I glad to know that my father no longer has to take chemo or radiation or go to doctor every week. He is in restful peace. I want to thank everybody who posted their condolences on the blog. I love "youse" all!

So after the services, the family, and the cold fried chicken meal at the church, I went SHOPPING.

At Wal-Mart( also known as "Wals-marts":)) I pick up the Devil Wears Prada DVD,January's In Style with that weird action photo of Beyonce on the front, and People Magazine with the year's best in it. I'm ready for a night of fashion, since I'm pretty sure Ugly Betty's a rerun.

At my fav hometown boutique, Almost Pink, I got the knockoff Chloe Paddington Bag in Tan. They are now carrying some Louis Vutton in there. Well, knockoff Louie and unfortunetly they(the owners) thinks it's real. I didn't want to break there hearts and give them a copy of Ebelle's How To Spot Fake Louie.I also didn't want to tell them that South Carolina has a strict and no nonsense law on selling counterfeit goods that will put yo' ass on the chain gang. But I've found so many great Fendi Spy knockoffs there!! So I won't say a word.

At Cato's I scooped up the cutest chocolate brown suede ballet flats with little rhinestones on them.

I was thinking of going back to work tomorrow but I'm needing a vacation from everything including Union.I promised T.Hall a visit so I might head out.