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House of Dereon At Marshall's?

Sunday, December 17, 2006

I found this House of Dereon Bag at the Hillcrest/Spartanburg Marshall's for 39.99. It was just hanging there by its self. Now,It's a little "gaudy" as my Mom would say, but I wasn't going to leave it there! I can work it into the collection. It will probably but the only piece of HOD I'll ever own, unless Bey and phatty-phat hips come up with a plus size line. Even Apple Bottoms and Baby Phat come in Plus Sizes. But according to my homie/soror/cuzin-in -law T.Hall the jeans are very ill fitting unless you are stick thin. And she is stick thin.:)( Love you Tasha!!).



yummy411 on 12:13 AM said...

wow! can't believe it.. then maybe again i could. baby phat and roc-a-wear are at places like Discount Mart and Gallo clothing.. (the $10 store..)