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Looking Back...Resolutions of 2006

Friday, December 29, 2006

On New Years' Day 2006 I sat down and did my Fashion and Beauty Resolutions. They were all based on a fortune cookie fortune I got a week before that literally said,"Simplicity and Clarity should be interpreted in your dress". What a revelation! So alot of my resolutions for the year was a reflection of that phrase. I only make resolutions in fashion and beauty because they are alot more fun that "lose weight,save money, go to church, find a church home(well,I do need to do that)."

Here they are:

1) To have a maintain healthy hair-I did it!I finally came off and under the emotional and synthetic weave. And for the first time,I love my hair!!

2)To read 12 new books-I did it! I read alot for work but also enjoyment.

3)Organize my style/beauty journal book-I did it! matter of fact, I condensed to a journal and I can carry it around with me. I once left it and work and felt lost all night!

4)Whiten my teeth-I tried.But all those kits irritate my gums. I must seek professional assistance!

5)Buy 10 pairs of good pajamas- I got to five and resorted back to Old Navy Tanks and drawstring pants.

6)Buy a piece of Tiffany jewelry(I wanted the silver ball earrings and the Elsa Peretti teardrop necklace)-I didn't get it but its still on my wish list

7)Buy the perfect suit-Decided I didn't need one.It's not my style and I look like a corporate monkey in a suit.

8)Buy a new black skirt and pants-I did this several times over!

9)Find balance,simplicity,and clarity in my dress-I did this but it felt a little boring and was falling it a flat shoe rut.

10)Buy three more Coach bags-I got two out the three.

11)Buy a piece of Tracy Reece-Didn't get:(

12) Find my signature scent-I'm very close, Philosophy Falling In Love and Sharon Bolton Scents in Truth

13)Invest in a high end foundation-Didn't do but found four great drugstore ones.

14) Do my jewelry sexy,simple and all around-Did this but like the style,I felt a little boring.

I'm posting the 2007 Resolutions on Sunday for a new RebelleBAP!!!



Miss Kim ;~) on 4:33 PM said...

Okay we have too much in common, lol.

I have a fashion/product/journal that I keep with me at all times. It's full of shopping lists, my thoughts, & designer outfits that I want to copy within my budget.
I feel you on the suits. I hate suits. They are just not me. I don't know what my 2007 Resolutions will be. I'll reflect this weekend.