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Super Rave:Maryam's Soap Nook and all her Divineness!!

Friday, December 01, 2006

Okay...this whole post is going to sound like I'm screaming because the excitement about the products that I'm about to review is boiling over. I feel like one of Oprah "venue-ette"(I think they call them that) that comes on before the show or as a commercial with the special effects and Oprah hollering over it all. Maryam's Soap Nook...just please...get your credit cards, money orders, Rush Debit cards out for this!!

Hand made soap in Pomegranate and Wild berries and Sleeping Beauty- Handmade soap is the best.It makes you forget all of the Caress bars you have bought the past. Besides these bars being pretty, the scents are awesome. Made with palm oil,olive oil,goats milk,shea butter,monoi de Tahiti oil and Vitamin E, there will not be a dry patch in sight after you towel off.

Whipped Shea Monoi Body Butter- My mother is corporate buyer,USC educated and also a body butter thief. This great moisturizer comes in a 8 oz jar and she dipped a tablespoon in it and stole half of it and put it in a Tupperware mini bowl and took into her bathroom. I asked her why did she do it, she said "That cream made your bathroom smell so good, I needed some it!"The Whipped Shea Monoi Body Butter in Ginger Cardamon will lead your mother to a life of beauty product crime!

Japanese Camellia Blend Body Oil in Sensual- You not need a perfume for layering for this great oil because it so powerfully scented. I used this on days that I'm curling up in Juicy Couture tracksuit( still wear em' homies) and it has such a beautiful feel.

Luxury Body Mist-My cousin tried to get me for this. I call it a dry oil,I actually put it on one day as a moisturizer and it worked for me. I have the Tahitian Pearls scent.

I've have more of her products to review next week. Please visit her great and also informative website @ !!!!!