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Beauty Find of the Day!!!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

This is more a buried treasure(again...). But last night I was going through a tackle box used as a makeup storage case and found Urban Decay Wallpaper Shadow Box. Why was this hiding from me? Anywho...I totally forgot how intense and glam UD shadows are. I used Smog and Midnight Cowboy this morning with a brush wet with Smashbox Off Set Shadow Converter. One thing about UD shadows is that they are loaded with glitter and most of the time have to be applied wet.



Toya on 9:15 AM said...

I absolutely love that palette and use it a lot for going out. Such glitter-fied make-up really lends itself to looking glamorous! I plan to get the new Urban Ammo palette, too.

rebelleBAP on 10:27 AM said...

I want Ammo too!

yummy411 on 12:34 PM said...

i'll have to give UD another try. I had the same palette or similar a while back that i returned because i hate shadows that fall everywhere and are too glittery. Had i known the 'wet' trick back then, I would still have a treasure too.