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Beauty Find of the Day!!!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I know ya'll won't believe this, but "la broka chica" Jamie is wearing Chanel Allure lipstick in Boudoir. I received this in the mail a couple of weeks before Christmas and was scared to wear it. Maybe because it retailed at like $29! Okay,I've had expensive makeup in the past but that was the "my living my la vida loca debt-ridden" past. But in true $29 lipstick style, the color goes on even in one swipe and looks fantastic on me. Folks, I think I'm slowly falling back into the buy-it-so-what-its-$29 trap. Ah...I'm in love with Chanel lipstick! Also planning on trip in G-ville to see the MAC Raquel Wlch Icon collection. Gotta get my money and mind right!!



yummy411 on 1:44 PM said...

jamie, does the chanel have a special formula that feels so good that i'll leave MAC? (MAC lipsticks can really dry out your lips.) or are you more in love with the color?

oooh at least you have to actively plan your purchases from MAC. i work in walking distance of a counter (metro center) and i have to talk myself out of going! killing my pockets.

rebelleBAP on 1:52 PM said...

the lipstick formula just seems so creamy!!! And I like the color.

I used work in the mall three stores down from the dept store with counter. But alas I'm stuck in the country so it gives more of reason no to be implusive because I have to go 1 1/2 to get to one.