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Review:Nature Girl and Rich Hippie Products

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Nature Girl Organic Rose Botanical Body Lotion- An awesome, nurturing moisturizer that took little too much time to soak in. But once it's in, it has staying power.I love the packaging with graffiti on a simple bottle. It boasts rose and other floral extracts but the smell was slightly dull. I think it will work good for this summer when its hot and I don't want to smell perfumey.

Nature Girl Nature Groupie Rosemary and Mint Hydrating Body Wash- The body wash is 100% better than the lotion! The scent was true to the description, minty and oh so refreshing. Because it doesn't boasts a lot of the chemical solvents that other body washes do, it makes very little suds. To me that's okay, I always think, more suds, more dryness.

Nature Girl Love Organic Sugar Scrub in Lemon Peel- Loves it!!! The Scrub has these lumpy sugar pieces( Brazilian brown sugar) mixed with organic sunflower,jojoba,and calendula oils. And I'm not a big scrub fan but this one is now my go to scrub for summer skin preparation.

Rich Hippie Organic Perfume in Bliss- I love the name "Rich Hippie"!!Sniffing it out of the bottle does it no justice!I applied it and it totally developed on my skin into this fresh green scent. Bliss is also a great smell when mixed with Nature Girl Rose Botanical Lotion.

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Anonymous said...

save your money i ordered perfume and never got it.they are very uncooperative and i am disputing it with my credit card company. i have nver had such poor service.please please stay away from this company.hippies never acted like this