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Monday, January 15, 2007

I read this meme on Blogdorf Goodman and then realized I got "tagged"

4 jobs you've had:

My first job was at Paramount's Carowinds my 2nd semester freshman year at the WU. I worked the weekends then some of the week til I had to go home for the summer. I got paid really good and I also work in the Ida Jane Dacus Library on yard. I was ALSO pledging that semester.I lost like 40 lbs. I came home and my mother thought I had been starved to death!(I was eating,though:)

I've worked at New York and Company when it was Lerner New York and when their boot cut jeans first came out. My sorors use worry the hell out of me about those jeans!

I've worked in several call centers so I know what it feels like to work customer service. The worst two: BellSouth and the Vanguard Group.

4 movies I'd watch over and over:

All the Tyler Perry/Madea plays especially Meet the Browns
The Devil Wears Prada
Coming to America

4 places I've lived apart from where I live now:

Rock Hill SC
Asheville NC
Union SC
Charlotte NC( Never really had address there but if you live in the Rock Hill/Fort Mill/Charlotte area and work in Charlotte you mightest well say you lived there. Everything you need and want to do and all of your peeps are in Charlotte)

4 TV shows I love

Project Runway
Ugly Betty
Girlfriends(pre-Jill Marie Jones' exit, not that mess they are doing now.)

4 places I've been on holiday:

New York
Washington DC

4 websites I visit daily:


4 favorite foods

ice cream

4 places I rather be now:

At Earth Fare, sipping a PB&J smoothie
SouthPark Mall( I so miss that mall)
At dinner with My Crew( today I'm missing yall...)
At B&N, even though I've been there already today

4 books I enjoy rereading

The Accidental Diva
The BAP Handbook

4CD's that never leave my rotation:

Tamia-Between Friends
Beneath The Surface-Incognito
The Best of L.T.D
Fantasia's New CD

4 people I'm tagging:

Toya@ thelifeofaladybug
Tasha Hall



yummy411 on 1:39 PM said...

hey j,
i was set to was pondering back and forth over my fav 4's only for msn to shut me down! lol... i'll be posting it soon! =)