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Cheap Tip of the Day: My Cheap and Broke Life in Pictures Part I

Friday, February 02, 2007

One of many baskets of samples. This has alot of perfume samples in it and sits beside the winter/fall fragrance collection. My spring/summer scents are packed away in the coolness of my closet.
This is me today. I'm wearing a wig as you can see. I bought it over a year ago and forgot I had it. I just wrap this vintage scarf around it. I love head scarves!! On my face, I'm wearing the Sephora Star Struck Palette that Mally Roncal did for Sephora. I remember it being sold out and I went to Charlotte's Sephora to get it. On my lips, MAC Lustreglass in Wonderstruck.
My "Gym" bag. The green thing is a belt that helps you sweat in around the waist and the white thing is my poor beat up Zen Nano since I still can't afford that 30GB Ipod I want.
Books, magazines,and DVDs that need to go back to the library. Yes, our library allows you to check out magazines.
My "hoarding"box. You would think I lived in a dorm.But most of the things in this box are things I'm collecting for when we move out( the glasses from TJMaxx Clearance) and the food are great natural and organic goodies that I get at this discount general store in Union called Green's Salvage that stocks alot of discontinued groceries for nothing.
The 'inspired' designer bags. Listen, my fashion attention span is so short that if I did have the dough I would be wasting it because I'll carry a bag for like three days and be over it.

If you can't see the pictures, click on it for a bigger photo.



yummy411 on 2:02 AM said...

i almost fell on the floor laughing @ your gym bag lol. you are so silly!