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Tuesday, February 27, 2007


These words are what my Granny used to tell me when I was somewhere with head hanging low and mumbling as child. Well, seems like "The People's Princess" Miss Jennifer Hudson didn't stand up to Uncle Andre the night of the Oscars. She didn't like her dress. Listen Jenn,I tell my Uncle Harry and Bruce off all the time. :) lol!! They taught me to stand up to a man even if he carries a Fendi B-Bag and wears Louis Vuitton Stocking Caps. Now if you read the Vogue article that Andre wrote on Jennifer it tells the story of the "dress" and how Miss Jenn had sketches of this dress for WEEKS. Check it out:

"Tucked in her bag, along with her new Apple MacBook( a much wanted Christmas present from her agency William Morris) is a special envelope of the sketches of a dress by Oscar de la Renta, who is at the top of her shortlist of favorite designers. She knows what looks good on her, and this dress, which she'll fit in early January, is one of the only ones she's considering for Academy Awards night". pg. 545, Vogue,March 2007.

So obviously she didn't like it then... Discuss.



Elle* on 8:54 PM said...

I read a blurb that said she was "sponsored" by ALT and Vogue, and I'm guessing they used that word to say signify some sort of committment to him dressing her. Hmph! The dress was fine to me, it was that damn FUGLY python shrug. YUCK!