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Natural + Beauty = Effort

Thursday, February 15, 2007

I've been thinking about writing on this topic for awhile. Everyday,I wake up I go through alot of steps of washing,brushing,scrubbing, masking,ironing, and checking the mirror several times just to look what think is "decent". I've come to the conclusion that I'm not "naturally" pretty. Now,I don't think I'm ugly but I have to put in serious effort in just to look like something.

Example #1- If I don't watch what I'm eating or put in some kind of exercise I will blow up. Some people feel great as a Plus size diva but I don't. I'm always on a mental diet.

Example#2- I have a skin care regimen that I don't think most celebrities with fantastic skin even do. Why? If I skip a day of day cream or a night of night cream or a Wednesday facial steam or a biweekly lip scrub I look busted. I have a friend who has NEVER used a facial moisturizer. She doesn't have to. She didn't even know what it did.

Example#3- Makeup. I love love love makeup but I can't skip a day. I just look plain and dry.

Example#4- Last year, tried to tone it down, you know less accessories, neutral colors, simpler cuts of clothing, even simpler makeup. I thought maybe if I simplify everything, my natural beauty will shine. I looked like a bum all year.

Example#5( when my girlfriends read this they'll be shocked)- This weekend past,everything from my makeup,to my perfume, to my outfits had been strategically planned for over a week. I packed everything down to the lip glass according to the outfit and the scene. I took pictures of each outfit to make sure it look good on camera. Why all this? If I had packed three black shirts, two pair of jeans and a pair black boots and maybe a dressy bag I would have looked un-Jamie like but others would have looked stunning. The effort I put in is simply crazy sometimes.

My mom used to say to me when I was young in the 80s living in South Carolina going to school where I was normally the only little black girl in the class, that I had to put more "effort" in my school work than everyone else because they(kids,parents,teachers) expected me to fail. In beauty,I have to put in more "effort" than everyone else. I don't wake up to a bump and curl and go. I wake up to take off the scarf,pick out the hair, wet the hair,apply about three different products,fluff the hair, forget the hair, and put on a wig and vintage scarf. I felt like I needed to share this with my readers. Do you feel"naturally" pretty? And how do you do it? Or does your looks require"effort"?

pic: My Last Friday Night Shoes( They matched my eyeshadow,see homecoming post #1)


The Beauty Maven on 7:48 PM said...

Wow... That is so honest of you.

Feeling pretty has a lot to do with your state of mind, I think. Some days just mascara and lip gloss make me feel beautiful. Others I'll go all out and still look like crap. This much is true; I take care of my skin and hair daily -- both long and arduous processes -- and suit my makeup to my mood. And clothes? There is seldom a day I can leave the house without changing at least three times before I feel comfortable. Yeah... natural beauty definitely does equal effort.

Thanks for the great post!

yummy411 on 3:22 PM said...

yes, brutally honest. i feel the same though most days...

like the beauty maven said and i thought when reading your post, beauty more than not is a state of mind. the week that you went sans beauty products and (thought) you looked busted, it's because you didn't think or feel pretty.

it's a mind game that we all play.. let's get our game on and win!

Avin on 4:14 PM said...

Girl you are not alone. I really think I have developed a phobia about leaving the house without makeup on. Seriously ever since I turned thirty I rock more makeup than a gay pride parade.

The clothing thing I dont worry too much about, but my face must be flawless.

Miss Kim ;~) on 1:57 PM said...

J, I feel you on #5 and the whole post overall. What I go through to get out the door is CRAZY but it makes me feel good. I don't care if I'm going out for a quick errand, I style my hair, apply m/u, get the right bag and shoe along with jewelry, spritz on fragrance. My mom teases me about how long I take to get ready but I've been this way since I was a kid. I've always cared about my appearance. I enjoy the prep work and even when I'm just lounging around the house I get cute - never know when an unexpected invite or guest may come my way ;)