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Review:BB Complexion Moisterizers...

Friday, February 23, 2007

I received samples of the Blended Beauty's BB Complexion Moisturizers( Day Cream, Night Cream and Day Lotion) in the mail about two weeks ago. I think got a new moisturizer!!! Here's the scoop:

BB Complexion Day Cream- a thick luxurious cream that is infused with Tea, Honey and Patchouli( I loved that warmth of scent each time I put it on). I was pleased that it didn't leave my skin greasy all day and soaked in well and there was not a dry spot in sight.
BB Complexion Day Lotion- the only difference for this and the Day Cream, the texture. If you want lighter but all the benefits of an all natural moisturizer, get this.
BB Complexion Night Cream- goes on thick smooth creamy with same scent as the Day Cream and the Day Lotion. I had to go and look at the ingredient list to see the difference because my skin and I saw the the Day Cream and the Night Cream were very similar. The night cream has a "vegetable glycerin"(A sugar derived from soybean and corn oil, glycerin humectant provides superior moisturization) and a different infusion of the tea extract.It is a little bit heavier in texture. I would suggest for normal skin( I'm not a dermatologist, so its a suggestion/opinion) the Day Lotion and Night Cream or just the Day Cream for all around facial use.

visit the website, they have hair goodies too @