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Rural Glamour Oscar Fashion Wrap Up! Part1...

Monday, February 26, 2007

"The People's Princess" as Mi Tio Andre would call her. I didn't like her bolero jacket which I think put her on a lot of worst dressed lists this morning. But she took it off and it was chocolate heaven. And did ya'll see those shoes! To die and kill a bitch for!
Does the Queen wear anything else but black? Bad ass dress though.
I really love the color and the cut. She was another dress I saw on the worst dressed list this morning. What?
Keisha's dress looks very House of Dereon lol!
Now Tracey you are not just Eddie's girl, you are a Executive- beyotch- in- charge! Not my favorite at all.
Thumbs up!! Go Soror Jada!

Okay, When I first saw this dress last night on E!, the hair, makeup and top of dress took me by surprise. Was Miss Bey doing "classic elegance"? Then the camera panned down and I saw that too high, tacky slit and immediately my mind change.Same ole' Same ole' Bey. And during her interview with Ryan Seacrest she kept messing with her hair!
Wrong color. She's too pale for that fuschia.
Divine. My favorite for the night.
Everyone was saying that if you are in the Devil Wears Prada she should have done a different dress. I just didn't like the black on it.
Great dress. Too mucht Yaky hair. She must bought all the blonde hair at the Iman's
Beauty Mart on South Blvd.

To Be Continued!!




themakeupgirl on 3:07 PM said...

OH MY GOODNESS! If Beyonce touched her hair one more time I was gonna scream!!! Loving the new template my dear! ;-)

It is What It Is... on 6:09 PM said...

I agree with you on the Beyonce' dress. When will she ever learn to be classy? Geeze! We were all disspointed in the dress for J-Hud on the red carpet. She should've stood her ground if she didn't like it. I would have told MR. Vogue to Beat it!!! LOL Great Post!!! Love it!