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Sephora Wish List...

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

So...My Sephora Catalog came in the mail last week and I've been flipping through it try to come up with my wish list. Here goes:

Care by Stella McCartney Discovery Kit-Seriously,I know its certified organic and stuff but $35 for that cleanser? I'll just try the Sample kit first.

Benefit Bad Girl Blue Mascara-blue Mascara!!!I love blue Mascara!!

Stila Smokey Eye Kit-I'm not a big Stila fan but this looks interesting.

Too Faced Little Pink Book-Ya'll know I'm addicted to these Too Faced Books.

Philosophy Power Shower Set - Jenn Wes said the Peach 3n1 was banging.

Sephora Jumbo Eye Pencil in Green- Green e/s and e/l is going to be the death of me one day.:)

Short list...I know.:)



yummy411 on 12:24 PM said...

i just had an itching for sephora and hadn't had a chance to get to the site, then my friend passed along her catalogue... yes a wish list.. have you tried badgal mascara? what do you think of it? i wasn't pleased at all! however, i do like the blue idea. i will be going with another brand though.

yummy411 on 12:30 PM said...

oh and speaking of green shadow and liner. have you tried shad fluidliner by mac. i'm buying it today!

rebelleBAP on 6:54 PM said...

is that fluidliner from the Barbie collection? I might go look at it tomorrow.

I have used the BadGirl Mascara. It was pretty good to me but I could get better in a cheaper brand.